Calendar 2011

Calendar 2011

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Mega Brother's Mega plan

Ram Gopal Varma is a proved businessman in film industry. From the first moment he re-entered the Telugu industry, he was aiming the Chiranjeevi family members through Twitter. Exalting Chiranjeevi by insulting Ram Charan calling that 1000 Ram Charan's can't equal one Chiranjeevi, sarcasm of renaming Pawan Kalyan's Puli as Pilli were some among his bombardments.

Out of the blue, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted praising Ram Charan's performance in Orange as Terrific. Definitely this could be regarded a gesture from Ram Gopal Varma to save Naga Babu and his Orange which is already in profits. This is also be contemplated as the favor from RGV bearing in mind that Naga Babu praised him as Genius Director on Mirapakaya audio release. If this tweet from Ram Gopal Varma is respected for better business of Orange, then a secret bond of friendship can be assuredly building up. If estimates turn into assets, soon we can expect a movie from Varma either with Ram Charan or Naga Babu's Son
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Secret behind 'Sweety' Anushka

For all those who know about the real name of anushka, this would still be interesting. Yes, the real name of this ravishing beauty is Sweety Shetty but how come and who named her as anushka might be your next interesting question. Talking in a chat show, anushka narrated a small flash back about how her screen name sticked onto anushka.

Those were the times when Sweety was spending good time with Nagarjuna, Puri Jagannath and Sonu Sood shooting for the movie ‘Super.’ During a discussion about the names that are to be scrolled in titles, all four were hesitant to go with Sweety Shetty. Obviously going through various rounds of friendly discussions, Nagarjuna loved to rename Sweety as ‘Smriti’ while it was Sonu Sood who preferred it as ‘anushka.’ When the choice was left to Sweety’s parents, they gave the screen name to their Sweet daughter as ‘anushka.’ Interesting to hear…Sweety Shetty turned to anushka Shetty.
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List of New Titles Registered in AP Film Chamber in the month of November

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Rajamouli scratching head

The tough taskmaster SS Rajamouli has been known for his clear head and creative thinking but there are times when even the best tend to get confused and that happens with the power of media. Apparently, a grapevine has begun to make rounds that Rajamouli is coming up with a mega venture which costs nearly Rs 50 crores and it was also mentioned that he booked Samantha as the leading lady opposite Prabhas in 'Viswamithra'. However, the taskmaster has come into the open and expressed surprise along with confusion as to how and from where the whole idea got generated. He made it clear that there is no such thing happening right now.

"So many news about my film with Prabhas for which I myself don't know what the story is going to be, yet. I certainly am NOT doing viswamithra.I dont know the budget becos I don't know the story.and we haven't signed Samantha for two films," Rajamouli on Twitter.

Sources close to Rajamouli say that the director was scratching his head trying to figure out who can get so much creative about him.
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Chiranjeevi now weighs only 83 kilos

Megastar Chiranjeevi visited Arjunagutta in karimnagar district and took holy dip in ‘pranahita pushkaralu‘.

On this occassion, he was asked about his body weight and Chiru replied that ‘I’m 83 kilos now. I was almost same weight in 1983 when i worked for Khaidi movie.

At that time i used to think that i was 3 kilos overweight than normal.’
When asked the secret behind his present slim look and weight loss, Chiru showed a small cup in which he was eating KICHIDI.

Surely, Chiru is looking 25 years younger and competing with young generation heroes.
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Pawan - Mahesh giving shocks to Media

Although Power Star pawan kalyan and Mahesh Babu are top stars of Tollywood, they are mostly known for reserved style of living. Never have we seen these two Super Stars attending the cinema related functions, events or film industry meetings. In this context, pawan kalyan and Mahesh Babu gave a shock to media members by making their presence at the secret meet of Tollywood Heroes and Directors.

The ongoing crisis in the Tollywood which had its roots from fighting between Telugu and Tamil Fighters Associations has taken a different form and the subject is now diverted to the role of Heores, Producers, and Directors in controlling the increasing budgets of movies. A confidential meeting of Heroes and Directors was conducted last night in a Star Hotel and media was taken by a surprise with the attendance of Pawan and Mahesh in this meeting.

Sources say that, pawan kalyan reacted furiously against the proposal by a Producer to ban the dubbing movies in Tollywood. All the top heroes of industry including Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh, Nagarjuna, Prabhas, Junior NTR, Ramcharan, Allu Arjun, Raviteja attended the meet.
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Balayya & Dasari secret parcel to Thai

Our Tollywood is going through severe crisis and entire industry has come to a sudden shut down with no activity in progress from last five days. Workers, artists and technicians took to the route of indefinite industry bandh finding solutions for various problems that are degrading the lives and standards of Tollywood.

Even the post production activities of to be released ‘Nagavalli’ are also known to have affected by this crisis yet there is one movie which is going as per the plan and it is ‘Parama Veera Chakra.’ dasari narayana rao known as most respected and legendary cinema personality seems to have shown no concern for ongoing industry crisis as he has confidentially parceled the entire team of ‘Parama Veera Chakra’ to Thailand for shooting of songs. Though many of the seniors in industry are feared to question Dasari but insiders say that ‘rules’ doesn’t apply for Dasari and his movies because he is a ‘Monarch.’
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Nagababu next with power star

After blasting out at virus directors and heroine mothers, Nagababu had almost closed down careers of director Baskar and heroine Genelia D’Souza.

But the latest buzz is that Nagababu is actually planning to make a movie with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan in 2011.

Nagababu is trying to setup a project with Pawan Kalyan in lead and this would tentatively start around march 2011.

More details will be announced soon..

Pawan will complete Kushiga by february and has committed to Vishnuvardhan’s directed project from then.
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gossips About Jr NTR’s Marriage

Marriage is the most memorable moment for many people and the phase between the engagement and the marriage is another thrilling time. However, it appears that junior NTR’s phase is reportedly sending more of tensions than thrills and funny times to his fans and many others in the cine circuit.

It has been quite a while since the engagement of junior took place and it was reported that the wedding is happening this year end but nothing happened. Now, the talk is that the marriage should happen before March 2011 because there are no proper muhurthams after that for a long time.

With this, many are asking what has happened and is there anything negative. So far, all are hoping that everything is going just fine and it is only a matter of time before the good news is announced but for now, the tensions and the apprehensions are looming large. Only the young tiger can clarify these things.
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RGV Funny Interviews from Naa Istam

Veerappan lo Varma type alochanalu unte, Thana interview ela undedi?

  1. Mee peru?
Veerappan Varma
  1. Mee Date of Birth?
Adavullo unde vallai DOB em Gurthutundi
  1. Meeru Enugulne Endhuku Vetadu Tharu?
Cheemalni Domalni Champithe PUBLICITY emuntundi, andhuke enugulni Champuthanu.
  1. Ghandapu Chakkalne Ammutunnarendhuku?
Meelanti Pichi vallu, Pichi mokkalu kontanate vatni kuda Ammutha
  1. Meeru Samajam tho kalisi jeevinche avakasam unda?
Undi, Samajam Adavulloki Vasthe

Osama lo Varma type alochanalu unte, Thana interview ela undedi?

  1. Mee peru?
Osama Gopal Varma
  1. Meeru Edugurni endhuku pelli chesukunnaru?
Edo oka bharya aina HIT avvakapotunda ane aasatho
  1. Meeku Istam Lenidi?
  1. Istamainadhi?
America Ammailu
  1. Meela inko Osama vasthe em chestharu?
Nalantodu inkokadu vasthe mundu meerem cheyalo Alochinchukondi.

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Babu to launch hunger-strike

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Ravi Teja cheated by Bellamkonda Suresh

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Online Seva tickets scam in TTD

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One more Star from Mega family

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