Secret behind 'Sweety' Anushka

For all those who know about the real name of anushka, this would still be interesting. Yes, the real name of this ravishing beauty is Sweety Shetty but how come and who named her as anushka might be your next interesting question. Talking in a chat show, anushka narrated a small flash back about how her screen name sticked onto anushka.

Those were the times when Sweety was spending good time with Nagarjuna, Puri Jagannath and Sonu Sood shooting for the movie ‘Super.’ During a discussion about the names that are to be scrolled in titles, all four were hesitant to go with Sweety Shetty. Obviously going through various rounds of friendly discussions, Nagarjuna loved to rename Sweety as ‘Smriti’ while it was Sonu Sood who preferred it as ‘anushka.’ When the choice was left to Sweety’s parents, they gave the screen name to their Sweet daughter as ‘anushka.’ Interesting to hear…Sweety Shetty turned to anushka Shetty.
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