Allu Arjun affair media leak pre-planned by Allu Aravind?

Actor Allu Arjun is reportedly all set to tie the knot with Ms K. Sneha Reddy, daughter of Mr K.C. Shekhar Reddy, the chairman of SCIENT Engineering College in Ibrahimpatnam.

While the Allu family is fine with the match, the Reddys are yet to take a decision. Mr Reddy says news of the nuptials is premature.

Th leak of this news and a few photos to the media seems to be a planned thing by Allu Arvind to influence the decision of the Reddys; Now that the affair has become a state-wide public issue, the Reddys are now left with little choice.

Family sources of Allu confirmed that talks were on between the two families for the past one month and the couple have been seeing each other for more than a year now.

“TV news channels have no other news. They have been telecasting about this as if everything is confirmed. The proposal has come from the Allu family but we haven’t taken a decision as yet,” the girl’s father said.

Ms Reddy is the director of SCIENT. She finished her B.Tech in electronics and communication engineering and MS in computer science from the United States.
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