KSD Appalraju Review

Film: KSD Appalraju
Starring: Sunil, Swathi, Bramanandam,Sakshi Gulati
Director: Ram Gopal Verma
Producer: Kiran Kumar Koneru
Banner: Shreya Productions
Music: Koti,Sunil Kashyap

Review: 3/10


Appalraju (Sunil) hails from Amalapuram and is a devoted movie lover. He spends his most of the time in watching films in Rambha theatre in Amalapuram for which, his father (Chalapati Rao) scolds him. Appalraju decides to leave to Hyderabad and hopes to comeback to Amalapuram only after he becomes a big director in Tollywood. He goes to his friend Subbadu (Rajesh) in Hyderabad who also leaves Amalapuram for becoming a hero, but in vain. Appalraju however get in touch with Raakhi(Raghubabu) a producer.
Raakhi reads Appalraju’s script Nayaki and says he would help him. Appalraju decides to cast Kanishka (Sakshi) and manages to get her call-sheets. However, a corporate firm manager, who have to provide finance for the film says they will finalize the film, only if the film has a big hero like Babu (Adarsh). When everything is set for his movie to take off, the hero and heroine of the film Babu and Kanishka who are in love initially breaks up. What hurdles Appalraju face?


The saving grace of this film is good performances by Sunil and Swathi. Sakshi Gulati enacted herself as a heroine in this film. She is adequate. Bramhanandam and Venu Madhav are the saving graces, Adarsh was ok, Ajay was good, Tanikella Bharani, M S Narayana were adequate.
Rgv’s screenplay does not make the narration interesting or grip the attention of the viewers. A series of unrelated contrived incidents are more prone to confuse the audience, particularly when there is no identifiable storyline and improper characterization of the protagonists and the chief supporting characters.Cameo by a top star Raviteja draws some whistles despite its vacuity. Music by Koti has no-fuss, but a puzzling item song in the end is quite putting-off. Cinematography by Nilesh is Dreary.


1. Sunil
2. Sakshi Gulati (oomph factor)


1. Katha (Story)
2. Screenplay
3.Darshakathvam (Direction)
4. Editing


Ram Gopal verma re-entry after 12 years to tollywood has given a lot of hype to the film and hope to the audience. But Ksd Appalraju turns out to be a damp squib. If the film’s purpose is to entertain, then Ksd Appalraju does not do that. If the film’s purpose is to enlighten the public about the intricate intrigues of film-making, then Ksd Appalraju fails.

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