Tv9 - Plot to bring down Rosaiah Govt

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Tv9 - Drunk woman creates hungama

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Tv9 - Kingpin behind drug supplier Cheema

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Tv9 - Balayya new movie opening - Part 2

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Tv9 - Banks enjoy TTD deposits

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Tv9 - RGV's Appalraju - Opening

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Hyd rare

(Click on the images, to view Full Scale images)

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SV hollywood

SV Krishna Reddy, director of films like Rajendrudu Gajendrudu, Mayalodu, Yamaleela, will soon make his debut in Hollywood
. SV Krishna Reddy is known to handle quite a few other departments apart from directing his films. He’s also an actor, music director, writer, singer and producer.
The buzz is that he spent last two months in Hollywood to discuss about a project which is currently in pre-production stage.
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20 at college

1) The lecturers don’t teach. The students don’t study. The only guy who
benefits is the one who owns the ‘dhaba’ next to the college.
2) Rules are made to be broken.
3) Promises are made to be broken.
4) Deadlines are made to be extended>>ALWAYS!
5) Guys always think the chics in the college next lane are more beautiful.
6) The geeks are the most pampered lot during the internal exams.
7) The lab assistants are the most respected people(during the lab exams i.e.).The watchmen are the people most bribed.
9) The HOD is the person most respected (heights of sycophancy here).
10) The principal is the person most abused and insulted(behind the back i.e.)
11) Dropping subjects is ‘cool’. (arre yaar… drop the idea of dropping subjects plz).
12) There is always a lecturer in the college who can’t speak proper ‘English’.
13) Night-out is the second most important tool to ace the exams.
14) The most important tool… the bhramastra… is the ‘chit’ in which the
words can be understood only by the person who wrote them(in most of the cases i.e.)
15) The freshers are the most sought after… be it in the canteen, the ‘free’
periods or for completing the records, assignments.
16) The second-years are the ones with the ‘I am the don-of-the-college’ feeling.
17) The third years are the ones with the ‘so-many-backlogs’ feeling and the poor
souls get down to studying after bossing around in the college for so
long. But the fun still continues.
18) The fourth years have no connection with the college whatsoever…with
no interest in ragging, pulling each others’ legs, the b’day parties, the b’day
bumps et al which they enjoyed so much till now. All they want is a good
placement and a ’1st-class’ tag attached to their memo.
19) The first three years are spent in cursing the college, the people there, the system et al.
20) But towards the end of the fourth year ,people tend to feel nostalgic
about the pure unadulterated fun they have had for 4 years. Now the very
system they disliked, the very canteen they cursed, the time that they spent
there, the b’day bumps they suffered… all these seem like heaven to them.
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indian TEam

GAMBHIR, the Indian opener, has been ruled out of the third and final Test against Sri Lanka at the P Sara Oval, while offspinner Harbhajan Singh is also a doubtful starter. Gambhir had missed the second Test because of a swelling in the knee and Harbhajan, who was not at full fitness for the first Test, did not train with the team today.
Gambhir’s unavailability is a blow to India’s chances of leveling a series they trail 0-1. M Vijay, who scored a half-century at the SSC, will retain his place alongside Virender Sehwag at the top of the order.
The replacement for Harbhajan, should he not play, is not as clear cut. India will have to decide whether to play two spinners, Pragyan Ojha and Amit Mishra, or bring in a third seamer in Munaf Patel. Ojha was wicketless in the first Test and took 1 for 185 in the second.
Gambhir, along with Harbhajan, had been rested from the squad for the tri-series that follows the Tests but he had trained with the team two days ahead of the third Test. Harbhajan had skipped a practice session on Sunday as well but the team management had suggested there was no injury scare.
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War waste of US

The calculator busily counting out how much money the United States has spent on wars since 2001 has raced past $1 trillion — $1,024 billion plus at the start of August. There is little point in trying to give a more refined figure since the clock ticks remorselessly on, mesmerizingly faster than you can write the sum down, about $260,000 blown away in each passing minute.*
Meanwhile, the wars are being lost rather than won, U.S. and allied soldiers are dying and being maimed every day, tens and sometimes hundreds of innocent civilians are killed daily, and billions of dollars are being wasted and millions of lives being destroyed for no good reason apart from the overweening egos of politicians who are not prepared to admit that they are wrong.
The grim bottom line is that American military and foreign policy is bust and the greatest imperial power the world has ever known is failing. U.S. President Barack Obama promised to be different, but he has become trapped as a gear-lever in the same broken machine.
Release of 92,000 Afghan war documents by WikiLeaks highlighted America’s plight, even though the documents mostly confirmed things already known: The war is not going as well as Washington pretends; soldiers are killing more civilians than theyadmit ; the Taliban possess surface to air missiles; Afghan security forces on whom Washington has lavished so much money are no match for the Taliban; and efforts to defeat the Taliban are being undermined by Pakistani intelligence providing information, money and arms to the insurgents.
The White House complained that the leaks could give aid and comfort to the enemy. However, former general and head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency Hamid Gul claimed that the release of the documents was part of a devious plot by Obama to cut his losses and retire, defeated, from Afghanistan. Gul claims that the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is a “war against Muslims.”
It is not just a question of money going down the drain, though at a time of economic hardship, governments are irresponsible being so profligate. A trillion dollars could pay for gasoline for all American drivers for more than two years, or give every household two state- of-the-art 73-inch televisions, or buy 5.5 million typical American homes or 40.8 million new Volkswagens.
More to the point, a trillion dollars would pay for the Afghan budget for 303 years or give every Afghan, man, woman and child $35,000 each, or provide enough money for each Afghan to live at present low levels of income for 77 years — or only 44 years adjusted for purchasing power parity.
Last month saw former U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix giving evidence in London declaring that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, that the invasion of Iraq was illegal and that President George W. Bush and his advisers were “high on military” and “they felt that they could get away with it, and therefore it was desirable.” If only Blix had had the courage to say that back in 2003.
South Korea and the U.S. have also been playing war games and taunting their military might in front of North Korea, to the concern of Beijing. Behind the scenes Washington has been trying to make sanctions against Iran, North Korea and other rogue states effective.
The lesson that it seems impossible for Washington and the West to accept is that weapons and war rarely settle anything. Hosts of thinkers and advocates of peace from Jesuit antinuclear campaigner Father John Dear, Martin Luther King Junior and Mohandas Gandhi to Jesus Christ have made the point down the centuries.
Eight years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan have left at least 910,000 people dead, or more than 303 times those killed in the 9/11 al-Qaida attacks on the U.S., created a fragile and corrupt Iraq and a still failing Afghanistan, which will fall into the hands of the Taliban soon after the U.S. leaves.
The U.S. is also failing in its peaceful diplomatic attempts to pressure rogue states to behave properly. North Korea, Iran and Myanmar, to mention only the Asian three, continue to thumb their noses at Washington. Few experts expect new sanctions against Iran to have much impact on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions and they may allow the Ahmedinejad government to blame and suppress opponents for any hardships that ordinary Iranians suffer. India, the heralded world’s largest democracy, played host to Myanmar’s Gen. Than Shwe just before it welcomed the United Kingdom’s David Cameron, and allowed the dictator to play his game of playing India against China and both against the West.
It is unfair to blame Washington or the West alone for the failure to create a more civilized and safer world. All politicians, especially China’s, cynically think short-term advantage without a care for the fate of the world. Beijing is a prime backer of and supplier of aid and weapons to Pakistan. China is also an ambivalent supporter of the latest sanctions against Iran. “We can no longer be friends, but we are still friendly to Iran,” as one Chinese official put it.
And as for North Korea, Beijing’s pussyfooting, whether out of cynicism or loyalty to communist comrades or fears that the country will crumble, has made a mockery of sanctions and encouraged Pyongyang to seek potentially explosive stronger ties with Iran and Myanmar.
There is no easy way out. When he was on the campaign trail, Obama promised to be different and to cut through old shibboleths and seek new engagement with friends and enemies. Is it too late for the old Obama to be reinvigorated?
Even so, that will not be enough. Asian allies are needed to convince China to take a longer and more farsighted view that can see that we all live together on this fragile Earth and that the prosperity and well-being of us all is bound up with the prosperity of the poorest inhabitant.
Once upon a time, some of us had high hopes that Japan, with its unique experience as a once imperial power that had suffered from nuclear weapons, might show the way to a saner more pacific world. But alas, Japan’s politicians live in their own make-believe world, denying the atrocities of the past and refusing to face the perils of the future.
Kevin Rafferty is editor in chief of PlainWords Media, a consortium of journalists dedicated to issues of global economic development. *Instant calculations at These are direct costs only; indirect costs will probably double any figure
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Training and Placement

Training and Placement plays a vital role in a college,It involves maintenance of huge data Sheet of each and every students, The work become Tedious and hectic as same work is repeatedly done. There is a risk of loss of Data. To solve the problem of the training andPlacement department, we have developed a Training and Placement Software.
Training and Placement software is a customized software you an opportunity to maintain the data as per the requirement of the college. It will be immense as it will allow you to maintain Training andPlacement details,and the details data of different students. This software will make your work easy and quick. The Training and placement software helps you to maintain transparency when it comes to placement. This software has been modeled in such a way that it can be access by any common people with having much technical knowledge.
This software has been categorized into:
Admin Section
The admin section is maintained by the college authorities So it will be easier to maintain the data of different students annually as per department and Semester. For maintenance of student data we have the following category:
Stream Master
Subject Management.
Examination Status.
Student Attendance.
Student Management
Academic and CGPA entry.
Students can check the Company Details in:
Company Management
Company Placement.
Interview Call Management
Training Details
Selected Students for Job.
Students selected for jobs.
Company can check the selected candidates who are appearing for the interview. It can view the
Academic CGPA of the entry.
Selected Students for Job.
For your demonstration fill up the form in
News/Article Submitted by:
Name : Sudhi Ranjan Das
email :
website :
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Largest Rakhi in India Book of Records 2010

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laxmi manchu Thai experience

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Arjun, JD Chakravarthy Starrer Contract

Sameer who worked in the direction department of JD Chakravarthy's films is directing 'Contract' that has Action King Arjun and JD Chakravarthy. Sameer also produces this movie. The director says, "It is is a love based action film and will be shot in India and abroad and the shooting will commence in September. Two popular heroines are working in this project. Johny Lal a Bollywood cinematographer is associated with it." Being made on Samir Productions. Ramachandra Raju will co-produce the film.
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Ileana - I'd Share My Feelings With The Viewers

Ileana who has created a forte of her own in the Telugu film industry as an enchanting performer would now go nearer to the viewers through mobile phone. She is about to share her childhood memories. In addition, Ileana revealed that the video clippings of various incidents in her life would be at the reach of the audience on YouTube. She launched 'Ileana voice blog' on Thursday at an event held at hotel Grand Kakatiya by UTV. Speaking on the occasion Ileana said that the celebrities are as common as everybody else. Manish Agarwal, CEO, UTV New Media, was also present on the occasion. Ileana's official YouTube channel can be accessed at
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Shirdi Sai Baba Is Everywhere

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