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Yahoo to buy back stocks worth $3 Billion

 New York: Yahoo wants to decrease the number of its shareholders and will buy back up to $3 billion in stocks over three years, the internet search company said Wednesday after its board approved the move at its recent annual meeting.

Re-purchasing of stocks is generally designed to raise value by limiting the number of shares on the market. Other firms, such as Microsoft, have also used the strategy to decrease cash reserves.

The search engine has lagged behind Google in advertising sales and been forced to cooperate with Microsoft. In the first quarter, Yahoo doubled earnings to $300 million.
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Commissions bring TCS directors among the highest paid list

New Delhi: Directors at Tata Consultancy Services, received commissions four times their salaries, making them some of the highest paid in the IT industry. Executive Directors at TCS were paid commissions ranging from Rs 95 lakh to a whopping Rs 2.5 crore, leading to a rise in their gross compensation package. Comparisons on a total salary basis reveal that TCS CEO earned almost thrice his counterpart at Infosys. For example, for the last fiscal, N Chandrasekaran earned Rs 2 crore as commission - as a board member - against a salary of Rs 46 lakh and Rs 51.1 lakh of perquisites, taking his annual salary to almost Rs 3 crore, reports Harsimran Julka & Srividya Iyer from The Economics Times.

On the other hand, Infosys' MD and CEO S Gopalakrishnan earned Rs 1.01 crore as annual compensation for the fiscal to March 31, 2010. This included an annual salary of Rs 32 lakh, perks and incentives of Rs 61 lakh, apart from contribution to provident and other funds of just Rs 8 lakh. Of course, Infosys CEO also holds a stake in the company, being a founder.While CFOs received almost the same amount, the packages were structured differently. TCS CFO S Mahalingam earns Rs 43.8 lakh as salary but Rs 1.5 crore as commission and Rs 42.2 lakh as perks, taking the total compensation to over Rs 2.36 crore. Infosys CFO V Balakrishnan earns almost 2.44 crore, with almost Rs 2 crore as incentive.

"There is a variable element in most compensation structures whose benchmarks are the profits. But in the case of Infosys and TCS, size of the businesses vary at different divisions, so its not quantifiable," says Sudhakar Balakrishnan, CEO, Adecco India. Of course, salaries in offshore locations can't be compared to onshore because of different living standards. Says Kunal Banerjie: CEO, Absolute HR international: "The ratio of variable salary of top executives may range from 50 percent to almost 90 percent in many cases."

Average commissions for non-executive directors at Infosys board was between Rs 49 lakh and Rs 65 lakh while the same for TCS had a higher upper limit of Rs 85 lakh. Interestingly, compensation as a proportion of total profit was almost the same at both the firms. TCS doled out Rs 15.2 crore as managerial remuneration on a profit of Rs 7,000 crore. While, Infosys gave Rs 16 crore as managerial remuneration, on a profit base of Rs 6,266 crore.While TV Mohandas Pai was also one of the highest paid at Infosys at Rs 3.13-crore annual package, Infosys chairman Narayana Murthy earned just Rs 57 lakh. At TCS, head of global corporate affairs and executive director, Phiroz Vandrevala, earned an annual package of Rs 1.69 crore.

The highest earning executive at Infosys last year was Ashok Vemuri, who heads Infosys' U.S. business. He earned almost Rs 4.88 crore, with an incentive of Rs 2.79 crore. BG Srinivas, head of European business at Infosys, who was last year top grosser is now relinquished to second spot with annual earnings of Rs 4.56 crore. HR experts explain the large difference in salaries of some executives.
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Microsoft Kin discontinued as sales fail to pick up

San Francisco: Just 48 days after Microsoft began selling the Kin, a smartphone for the younger set, the company discontinued it due to disappointing sales. Microsoft took two years to develop the Kin which was backed with a hefty ad budget, reports Miguel Helft of the New York Times.

Forrester Research analyst Charles S. Golvin calls it 'an absolute failure' and said he was surprised to see Microsoft killing a product so quickly, given the company's history of sticking with new products and improving them over time.

Microsoft's consumer products unit has struggled to offer credible competitors to Apple's iPod and the iPhone and an array of smartphones powered by Google's Android software. A tablet computer project which was planned as a competitor to Apple's iPad was also canceled recently.

Microsoft announced that the Kin team will be shifted to the Windows Phone 7 project which is due in the fall. The Kin was introduced in two models aiming mainly at the young users which emphasized access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The sales figures were not disclosed by Microsoft or Verizon Wireless, which sold the phone. Due to the disappointing sales, Verizon had slashed down the prices of the phones considerably.

Brenda Raney, a Verizon spokeswoman, said the Kin "is still an important part of our portfolio" while Microsoft said it would cancel the pending release of the Kin in Europe and would work with Verizon Wireless to sell existing inventories.
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535,000 Sony Vaio PCs may overheat

Tokyo: Sony recently said that about 535,000 units of its "Vaio" brand personal computers globally may be in danger of overheating and that it has provided software on its website to eliminate the problem.

The company said in a statement that there have been 39 overheating cases in total, all reported outside Japan. Some of these have resulted in damage to computer bodies, but no burn injuries have been reported.

Some of Sony's F and C series Vaio PCs made in January this year and some custom-made models from the same series have been affected, the firm said. A Sony spokeswoman said the company has not estimated possible costs stemming from the problem.
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Indian women to be significant economic actors by 2020

Dubai: Women are entering the mainstream for the first time after contributing at a subsistence level, they are prepared to take the challenges in domains ranging from manufacturing to medicine to education to information technology. It is estimated that by Booze & Company that, if India and China each represent one billion participants in the global marketplace, then the 'third' billion comprises of women in developing and industrialized nations, whose economies were suppressed some years back.

"We estimate about 870 million of them will do so by 2020, with the number conceivably surpassing one billion during the next decade. Their presence as economic actors will be widely felt as they move into knowledge work. Their sheer numbers will hasten the integration of the regions where they live into the larger economy," said Karim Sabbagh, a partner at Booze & Company and the firm's Communications, Media and Technology Global Practice leader.

The potential of women as a player of an organized sector in a country has not been explored. The main reason behind this under estimation is in the perception that, women lack in sufficient education and lacking support from families and communities. With the Third Billion's movement into the middle class accelerating, most of the constraints will be alleviated.

"One billion or more women are clearly about to participate more fully in the mainstream economy, representing a significant force in such regions as Latin America, Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, eastern and central Europe, and Africa," said Sabbagh.
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Bullying at work affects employees' mental health: Study

Bangalore: Academics at Sheffield University have discovered a strong link between workplace discrimination and the subsequent psychological ill-health of employees. It is found that bullying from colleagues significantly influenced levels of stress reported seven months later.

The study, which will be presented for the first time at the Institute of Work Psychology's conference in Sheffield today, found 39percent of respondents reported frequent - weekly or daily - bullying from workmates in the previous six months.

Christine Sprigg, a Psychology Lecturer at Sheffield University, who led the research, said: "The evidence of the relationship between employee ill-health and workplace bullying is clearly shown by our data but, more importantly, we find that there might be workplace interventions - for example working to boost employee self-esteem - that can help to lessen the impact of other people's bad behavior at work."

The research team collaborated with nine organizations and more than 5,600 employees in carrying out the study.

Luise Vassie, from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health which funded the study, said: "We're pleased this research not only adds to the existing body of knowledge on this subject, but also provides us with ideas on how the detrimental impact of bullying on worker health can be reduced."
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mahesh family n frinedZ

mahesh family n frinedZ

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Corporation Bank Recruitment of 1250 Clerk Posts

Corporation bank is one of the leading & oldest public sector banks in India. Present across India, the bank has over 1100 networked branches & around 1100 ATMs.As part of recruitment 2010-11, Corporation bank is recruiting 1250 clerks.
Position – Vacancies – Payscale :
Clerk – 1250 posts (state-wise) – Rs.9500
Dates : Online Registration : 01.07.2010 to 31.07.2010
Written examination : 12.09.2010
Eligibility : Candidates interested to apply for clerk post in Corporation bank ,
* Age Limit : 18 – 28 years as on 1.06.2010
* Degree in any discipline with 40% or more from recog. university,
* Should be able to read/write/speak official language of the state applied.
* Knowledge of computers is also essential.
Selection : The recruitment for Corporation bank clerk recruitment has Written test & Interview.The Written exam has 4 objective papers & those with high marks will be called for Interview.Shortlisted candidates from the objective test shall have to appear for Computer literacy test.
Application : Candidates have to pay Rs.50(SC/ST) & Rs.200(all others) at any of the corporation bank branches before 31.07.2010, using the payment challan given at the website.After payment, application has to be submitted through the website mentioning your payment and personal details.Note down the generated Registration number & Password for future use.
>> Candidates can download the application, payment challan & apply online for Corporation bank clerk recruitment at the bank website here.

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Jhummandi Naadam review

Movie: Jhummandi Naadam
My Rating: 3/5
Banner: Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures
Music: MM Keeravani
Cinematography: S Gopal Reddy
Art: Raghu Kulkarni
Story & Screenplay: Gopi Mohan - BVS Ravi
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Producer: Lakshmi Manchu
Direction: K Raghavendra Rao
Cast: Manoj Manchu, Tapsee, Mohan Babu, Suman, Brahmanandam, MS Narayana, Ali, Dharmavarapu, Ahuti Prasad, Tanikella Bharani etc
Release Date: 1st Jul 2010



Balu (Manoj Manchu) has only one mission in his life - to become a great playback singer like SP Balu. He challenges a landlord in his village and comes to Hyderabad to become a singer. Captain Rao (Mohan Babu) stays in the opposite house. He is an old-fashioned man who hates the lifestyle of new generation. Sravya (Tapsee) is an NRI girl who stays in her father’s friend Captain Rao’s house. She is in India to do documentary on traditional Telugu music. Balu acts as a local guide to her and in the process, they fall in love. Captain Rao doesn’t like them fall in love. The rest of the story is all about Captain Rao’s restrictions and how the lovers emerge unscathed.

Artists Performance:

Manoj Manchu: Manoj Manchu comes up with another rocking performance in this movie. His styling and dialogue delivery is more like of those characters we see in comic books and video games that are developing using comic books. His performance in the confrontation scene leading to interval is good. He matched the screen presense and comedy timing of Mohan Babu in the scenes involving both of them.

Tapsee: K Raghavendra Rao gives Telugu film industry another commercial heroine in the form of Tapsee. She has good camera friendly looks and reminded me of Rambha in many ways. She is effervescent and bubbly. She is good at acting too. It is no wonder that she grabbed many projects before the release of her first movie. She is going to be a good glamorous heroine in Telugu. It is up to her to choose right projects to make herself a performing actress too.

Others: Mohan Babu plays the third most important character in the film. It is nice of Mohan Babu to allow others (including comedians) to have satires on him (especially ‘I appreciate you’ dialogue). He is comical most of the time and performed with extreme passion in intense scenes. Brahmanandam entertains though his comedy is of old-fashioned type. Ali is humorous as ‘naa name ranjith. Naa game encounter’. MS Narayana is extremely funny as the sidekick of Mohan Babu. Suman, Dharmavarapu, Apoorva, Sudha, Ahuti Prasad and Aishwarya are adequate. Tanikella Bharani is powerful in a small role.

Technical Departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: The basic story given by Bhupati Raja is simple. K Raghavendra Rao handled this simple story in a simplistic way by including adequate commercial elements so that it reaches everybody. Screenplay of the movie is adequate. K Raghavendra Rao proves that there is no retirement for creativity and age never becomes a disadvantage while dealing with romantic subjects. He has shown the heroine Tapsee in the most glamorous way. He also made sure that there is something in the film for A/B/C center audiences. There are a few old-fashioned scenes for the sake of commercial elements. But they are minimal and they don’t disturb the flow of the narration. There is trademark of K Raghavendra Rao in songs picturization of the movie.

Other departments: Music by MM Keeravani is good and background music is also handled well. I rate the 3rd song (shot in Kerala) as the best song in the movie. The last song (desamante Mattikadoi) is the life of the movie. All songs are picturized colourfully. Cinematography by S Gopal Reddy is very good. However, he should have shot stunt sequences in a better way. Dialogues by Rajasimha are good. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is smooth. Art direction by Raghu is neat. Production values by debutant producer Lakshmi Manchu are very good with rich visuals.

Final Analysis:

First half of the movie is nice. Tempo goes down in the second half a bit. The climax song makes it up for all. Plus points of the film are main leads (Manoj’s comedy and Tapsee’s glamour) and K Raghavendra Rao’s commercial elements coupled with attractive music/visuals. On the flip side, old-fashioned story might not be liked by urbane crowds. On a whole, Jhummandi Naadam is a film that has something for every kind of audience (A, B or C). It is a K Raghavendra Rao's masala entertainer that has all ingredients do well at box office.
* entertaining first Half nd predictable nd slow second half..

* ayina sare K.R.R Style lo commercial elements tho baagundhi anta..

*MAnoj, tapsee baaga chesaru anta..

*Mohan babu thana style lo chaala kaalam tharuvatha kummadu anta..

* Songs chaala baagunnayi anta...

*commercial Ok parvaledhu abane pay cheyyocchu antunnaru...
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