Rajamouli scratching head

The tough taskmaster SS Rajamouli has been known for his clear head and creative thinking but there are times when even the best tend to get confused and that happens with the power of media. Apparently, a grapevine has begun to make rounds that Rajamouli is coming up with a mega venture which costs nearly Rs 50 crores and it was also mentioned that he booked Samantha as the leading lady opposite Prabhas in 'Viswamithra'. However, the taskmaster has come into the open and expressed surprise along with confusion as to how and from where the whole idea got generated. He made it clear that there is no such thing happening right now.

"So many news about my film with Prabhas for which I myself don't know what the story is going to be, yet. I certainly am NOT doing viswamithra.I dont know the budget becos I don't know the story.and we haven't signed Samantha for two films," Rajamouli on Twitter.

Sources close to Rajamouli say that the director was scratching his head trying to figure out who can get so much creative about him.
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