The world's Biggest swimming Pool

The world's Biggest swimming Pool

The world's Biggest Pool
This artificially created lagoon is located in the central coast of Chile and is part of San Alfonso del Mar resort. It is in the Guinness World Records as being the biggest pool in the world. It is 1,000-meter long, 19-acre outdoor pool that utilizes a technology developed by the Chilean company Crystal Lagoons, which uses water pumped from the Pacific Ocean, that is then filtered and treated for supply to the pool.

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Funny Ride-Wanna Have one...?

Funny Ride-Wanna Have one...?

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Rajamouli Next Movie “EEGA”

Rajamouli is planning an unusual film with an unusual cast as his next flick. Work for this film has been under progress clandestinely. His next film would be titled ‘Eega’ and the film stars Eega (fly) as the lead protagonist.
An experimental film with loads of computer graphics. Although there would be several other actors (men and women) to play other roles, the entire film is told in Eega’s point of view. Quite interesting, right!
Recently Rajamouli shot some key scenes with several high-end digital cameras and finalized one special camera for it. When will it begin? Well, it all depends on the success of his current film, Maryada Ramanna, starring Sunil as the hero. Maryada Ramanna itself is an experiment for Rajamouli as the movie departures from his trademark style of filmmaking.
Maryada Ramanna is a comedy sans vulgarity, action, and other commercial elements. The shoot of the movie has come to an end and it is expected to hit the screens next month. So, seeing the result of this film, Rajamouli is planning to start this ‘Eega’.

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Samsung to launch about 8 smartphones this year

Korean handset-maker Samsung on Wednesday said it is eyeing a 20 per cent share of the growing smartphone market as it expands its product portfolio in the country.
The company, which currently has four models in the category, plans to launch seven to eight new smartphones this year to compete with the likes of Nokia, RIM and Apple.
“We now have four smartphones in our portfolio and this year, we plan to have seven to eight new models on both Android and BADA platform... Going ahead, by the year-end, we are aiming at a market share of 20 per cent,” Samsung Electronics Director (Mobile and IT) Ranjit Yadav told reporters here.
Though he declined to comment on the current share of Samsung in the smartphone category, he said the market is expected to see shipments of 2.5 million such handsets this year.
The company has launched two new handsets, Wave and Galaxy S, priced at Rs 19,100 and Rs 31,500 respectively.
While Galaxy S is based on Google’s mobile operating system (OS) Android, Wave marks the launch of Samsung’s operating system BADA.
“We would bring out about two to three handsets with the BADA OS and would also look at making that available at sub Rs 10,000 levels,” he said.
A huge number of smartphones from multinational companies like Nokia, Apple, Research-In-Motion (RIM), LG and Sony Ericsson are flooding the Indian market.
With local firms like Micromax, Fly and Zen entering this segment, it has resulted in stiff competition, which is expected to bring down prices further. Nokia, for example, has launched smartphones below Rs 10,000.
According to research firm Canalys, smartphone sales in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are expected to surpass the 100 million units mark by 2011.
While in 2009, smart phones accounted for 11 per cent of mobile phone shipments in APAC, this percentage is expected to grow steadily and, in 2012, 20 per cent of mobile phone shipments in the region are expected to be smart phones.
Talking about the features of Samsung’s new phones, Mr. Yadav said, “Samsung Wave is equipped with super AMOLED display (for HD quality viewing), 2 GB internal memory, which is expandable up to 32 GB, and a 5 megapixel camera.”
The Android-powered Galaxy S has 16 GB internal memory, expandable up to 32 GB, and a 5 MP camera, he added.
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Obama vows to make BP pay for oil spill

US President Barack Obama has vowed to make oil giant BP to pay all clean-up costs and damages from what he called "the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced."
Expressing the hope that 90 percent of the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico will be captured within weeks, Obama used his first Oval Office address to the nation Tuesday to call for a new energy policy to end US dependence on fossil fuel.
In an 18-minute speech, televised nationally, he described what happened in the April 20 explosion and fire on a BP-owned oil rig and compared the millions of gallons of oil leaking into the ocean to an epidemic "we will be fighting for months and even years."
Obama said he will tell BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg Wednesday to "set aside whatever resources are required to compensate the workers and business owners who have been harmed as a result of his company's recklessness."
"This fund will not be controlled by BP," Obama said. "In order to ensure that all legitimate claims are paid out in a fair and timely manner, the account must and will be administered by an independent, third party."
In response to Obama's speech, a BP spokesperson said the company shared the president's goals of "shutting off the well as quickly as possible, cleaning up the oil and mitigating the impact on the people and environment of the Gulf Coast," and looked forward to Wednesday's meeting "for a constructive discussion about how best to achieve these mutual goals."
Critics, however, dubbed Obama's speech as lacklustre and without enough passion to show he was calling the shots. "Obama and his team will have to follow through - with more energy and dedication than they have shown so farm" wrote the New York Times in an editorial.
"We know that the country is eager for reassurance. We're not sure the American people got it on Tuesday night in a speech that was short on specifics and lacking in self-criticism," it said.
Obama also called the Gulf oil disaster "the most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now."
The United States must end its dependence on fossil fuels, he said, calling for Congress to rise above partisan politics to take on the challenge of passing energy reform legislation that will lead the way to development of a clean energy economy.
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Biz tycoon Mallya wins BJP backing for Rajya Sabha

Business tycoon Vijay Mallya is set to win the Rajya Sabha poll in Bangalore on Thursday as an independent with the support of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the opposition Janata Dal-Secular.
The BJP, however, is fighting shy of openly saying its surplus votes will go to Mallya as he is backed by arch-rival JD-S.
"We have decided to defeat the Congress," state BJP president KS Eshwarappa told reporters after a meeting of party legislators in Bangalore on Wednesday. It was attended by former BJP president M Venkaiah Naidu, state Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa and all party legislators.
The meeting was called to formally decide on what the party should do with its surplus votes.
Asked why the party is not openly saying it will support Mallya, a spokesperson said: "When we say we have decided to defeat Congress, it indirectly means we will support Mallya".
Voting will take place for four seats. There are five candidates, two each from BJP and Congress, and Mallya, who has entered the fray as an Independent sponsored by the JD-S.
Mallya, who is assured of support by the 27 JD-S Assembly members, needs another 17 votes for victory and has been lobbying with BJP for those ballots.
A candidate needs 45 first preference votes of Assembly members, who make up the electoral college for the Rajya Sabha polls, to get elected.
The BJP, with 116 legislators and support of five independents, is assured of victory of its two candidates, former party president M Venkaiah Naidu and state leader Ayanur Manjunath.
The Congress with 74 members can win one seat for which it has fielded general secretary and former union minister Oscar Fernandes.
The battle for the fourth seat is between Mallya and Congress' second candidate TV Maruthi, one of the biggest silk merchants in Karnataka.
BJP's formulation of "defeat the Congress" has been arrived at as there was opposition by a section within the party to back Mallya because JD-S had proposed his name.
BJP is angry with JD-S as it had gone back on transferring power to it in 2007 as part of the understanding when the two formed a coalition government in 2006.
Another reason is that Mallya had defeated BJP’s candidate in the 2002 Rajya Sabha poll from Karnataka.
His entry as an independent then had prompted several BJP legislators to vote for him against the party's nominee DK Tharadevi, who was earlier a Congress Lok Sabha member.
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42 monks of India

42 monks of India with their name

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RCom to de-merge telecom infrastructure arm

Mumbai: Reliance Communications, part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group, Monday said it will recast the ownership of a wholly-owned arm to create what it called "the world's largest independent telecom infrastructure company" and unlock value.

In a regulatory filing with the stock exchanges, the company said after the de-merger of Reliance Infratel, it will be a company that is not controlled by any telecom operator and would unlock value for existing shareholders.

"I am delighted that this endeavour will greatly benefit Reliance Communications through substantial debt reduction and enhanced financial flexibility," Anil Ambani said in a statement.

"This proposal will be implemented through a de-merger or other suitable value-creating options, with the consideration to be received in a combination of cash and stock," the company said in the regulatory filing.

With this development, the markets expect the proposal for an initial public offer by Reliance Infratel to be shelved. The statement said the proposal for de-merger was expected to be wrapped up shortly.

The proposal is primarily intended at attracting the potential customers among those who won the auction for airwaves for third generation telecom and broadband access services by ensuring there is no conflict of interest with an existing player in the business.

"The proposal will also facilitate consolidation in telecom infrastructure space leading to scale benefits and operational synergies," the company said, adding: "Consideration is to be received in a combination of cash and stock."

The group said it was in advanced talks with several domestic and international players to offload the stake in not only Reliance Infratel but also Reliance Communications -- a development that had seen its stock prices soar nearly 35 in the past three weeks.

The formal announcement Monday came after market closed. The Reliance Communications scrip closed 3.71 percent higher at Rs.179.

Since the beginning of this month reports said the UAE-based Etisalat was interested in acquiring a stake in Reliance Communications, which has a subscriber base of 109 million and offers mobile services on both GSM and CDMA platforms.

The speculation of stake sale was reinforced after Etisalat, which has been bullish on India and wants to be a major player in the country, withdrew from the third generation (3G) telecom airwaves auction after the bids surpassed the $2 billion-mark.
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Bar-coded wrist bands for safe healthcare

Mumbai: Zebra Technologies, which deals in specialty printing and automatic identification solutions, made an announcement regarding the fact that it had sold more than 125 million of its patient Z-band wristbands worldwide. It holds that this will help in preventing the number of deaths caused by medical errors.

The bar coded wristbands will enable the healthcare professionals to provide the Five Patient Rights like right patient, right medication, right dose, right time, and right method. This barcode saves information regarding the name, blood type allergies, and primary physician and other health details related to the patients.

Andrew Tay, President of Zebra Technologies, Asia Pacific said, "We hope that with the success of Zebra's Z-Band direct thermal wristbands, nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel in Asia can be sure that the patient will be identified correctly and the right information will be presented every time the wristband is scanned."

According to Anders Gustafsson, Chief Executive Officer, Zebra Technologies, "Since 1995, Zebra has been committed to the patients and healthcare facilities of the world by developing industry-leading thermal transfer technology that helps track patient and medication information, thereby reducing errors."

The Institute of Medicine (IOM), states that medical errors in America rank higher than auto accidents or breast cancer. Medical error is the eighth leading cause of death, killing more than 100,000 Americans annually.

In order to regulate the healthcare sector in India, the health ministry has come up with a clinical establishment bill to assure safer health practices. This will also provide a regulatory framework for all healthcare organizations. This bill would focus mainly on the safety of the patients and would emphasize on getting accurate and comprehensive data on causes of medical errors across the country. Zebra Z-Band wristbands are being widely used in four hospitals in India. Zebra's bar coded wristbands helps the doctors to; identify the improving diagnosis and treatment accuracy regarding a specific patient.
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AMD's Fusion to challenge Intel and Nvidia

Bangalore: AMD is set to compete with its counterparts Intel and Nvidia in the notebook and graphics processor markets with the launch of Fusion processor, which combines central processing unit and a graphics processing unit in a single silicon die.

Fusion is expected to be launched in 2011 with two variants: a 4-core for mainstream notebooks and desktops and a dual-core version for netbooks and other smaller mobile internet devices. With software developers such as Adobe, Microsoft, Arcsoft, Corel and Cyberlink already backing Fusion, the market will get tougher for Intel and Nvidia.

AMD claims high performance and low power consumption for its Fusion processor. Processors like Fusion allow PC users to run high definition videos or play graphics intensive video games on a single Fusion processor and reduce the need for a separate graphics card. Fusion presents an opportunity for AMD to challenge the dominance of Intel in CPUs and Nvidia in graphics processors, especially in the market for portable device processors.

Intel's Core series processors are used in around 80 percent of the notebook PCs globally, making this business the most valuable to Intel's stock. Although Intel's processors are preferred by many PC makers over those of AMD, Intel loses ground when it comes to graphics processing. Notebook users who need to run graphic intensive programs either have to buy Intel's integrated graphics processor, which reduces processing speed and consumes more battery, or purchase an additional discrete graphic processors (from a company like Nvidia), which increases total cost.

Nvidia dominates the discrete graphics processor market through its GeForce cards and has more than 65 percent share of total graphic cards shipped. With the launch of its Optimus technology last quarter, Nvidia is trying to increase its foothold among notebook users.

However, with AMD's latest Radeon graphic cards slowly catching up with Nvidia's processor performance and gaining attention among gaming enthusiasts, the competition is likely to get tougher. Fusion processor may put more pressure on Nvidia market share.

While Intel leads in the notebook processor market and Nvidia in the graphics processor market, neither of them has significant presence in each others' category. Intel has not been able to build a powerful discrete graphics card while Nvidia has never ventured into the main processor segment.
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Google's OS to bring changes in remote desktop capabilities

Bangalore: Google's upcoming Chrome operating system - a new OS that will arrive on netbook computers later this year. It is also going to offer a feature 'chromoting' - a remote desktop app for your new cloud computer that Google engineers have dubbed, reports The New York Times.

We're adding new capabilities all the time. With this functionality (unofficially named chromoting), Chrome OS will not only be a great platform for running modern web apps, but will also enable you to access legacy PC applications right within the browser.

In Google's case, the technology would be used to run so-called legacy applications that Chrome OS does not support. By legacy, Google means any application that doesn't run in a Web browser like Google Chrome, which serves as the basis of the new Internet-only OS, also called Chrome.

It includes the Adobe Creative Suite, perhaps, whose flagship program Photoshop is top among designers. Or maybe the full Microsoft Office suite, whose desktop programs are still more feature-rich than Google's online Docs service. Perhaps as a new competitor to desktop and notebook computer operating systems like Microsoft Windows and Apple's OSX instead of just a netbook alternative.

Then again, the world is turning to lightweight computing. So much can be done online these days. As Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently said at the D8 conference, we're entering a 'post-PC' era, referring to the eventual phase out of the personal computer in favor of lighter, more thin client-esque platforms like, of course, Apple's new iPad tablet computer.
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Apple's lowest-priced Mac mini at $699

Bangalore: Apple has launched a new version of its lowest-priced computer, Mac mini, with twice the graphics performance and lower power usage, starting from $699.

The new Mac mini, which is 7.7 inches square by 1.4 inches, has an HDMI port and a new SD card slot to allow transfer of files from a digital camera. The new product's power consumption would be less than 10 watts when idle.

It consists of a Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics processor, a 2.4 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 320 gigabyte (GB) hard-disk and 2GB RAM. It comes with Mac's Snow Leopard operating system.
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IT pros get the fastest salary rise in 2010: Survey

Bangalore:, a job portal for MBAs from premier business schools in India released the findings of second MBA Salary Survey. Salaries grew fastest at 12.7 percent for professionals working in IT sector, taking them closer to their batch mates working in Finance and Consulting. Average salary for MBAs working in IT sector was observed to be 12.9 lakhs for 3 to 4 years of experience and 17.3 lakhs for 5 to 7 years of experience.

The survey was conducted to understand trends in compensation of MBAs from top business schools in India. The survey was administered from May 16 to 31, 2010 with over 5600 MBA graduates sharing their salary data anonymously.

"We conduct this survey every year to help professionals benchmark their salary against their peers in the Industry. We made sure that we didn't collect any individually identifiable information to maintain confidentiality during the whole process. The data was then tabulated based on area of specialization and years of experience. The areas being covered as part of this survey are - Finance, Marketing, General Management/Consulting, and Systems (IT)," said Tarun Matta, Founder of

Professionals in sales and marketing saw 11.8 percent growth in compensation this year. Average salary for MBAs working in sales and marketing was observed to be 9.8 lakhs for 1 to 2 years of experience, 13.6 lakhs for 3 to 4 years of experience and 18.1 lakhs for 5 to 7 years of experience.

Average salaries in finance was observed to be 11.5 lakhs for 1 to 2 years of experience, 14.3 lakhs for 3 to 4 years of experience and 19.6 lakhs for 5 to 7 years of experience.

"Even though, salaries in finance and consulting didn't increase as much as other sectors, the average salaries were observed to be higher than sales, marketing and IT. Finance and consulting still remain top choices for MBAs graduating from top business schools," added Tarun Matta, Founder of

Average salaries in consulting grew around 7.6 percent and were observed to be 11.5 lakhs for 1 to 2 years of experience, 14.7 lakhs for 3 to 4 years of experience and 18.4 lakhs for 5 to 7 years of experience.
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12-year-old boy attempts to summon Anderson

New York: Justice delayed is justice denied. But the 12 year old Indian American activist still has hope. After the verdict of Bhopal tragedy was rendered after 26 years, 12 year old Akash Viswnath tried to issue summons for Warren Anderson, former chief of Union Carbide over the deadliest 1984 gas disaster in Bhopal.

"Today we are here to appeal to Warren Anderson and summon him to the Indian court where he has been charged with culpable homicide, which is the equivalent of manslaughter in America," Akash Viswanath Mehta said, standing outside a skyscraper on Park Avenue, which houses the law firm that represents Union Carbide.

Mehta along with his older brother, Gautama, 15, were asked to leave the premises by the building owners who said it was private property owned by H J Kalikow. The media was also not allowed to film on the property.

Akash who had the 1992 summons along with a criminal chargesheet in an envelope requested that the package be delivered to the legal offices of Kelly, Drye and Warren. The owners of the building responded that there was no one in the office and the activists should make an appointment or send the summons by post.

"Do you know they represent the CEO of a corporation that is absconding from justice in Bhopal India?" said Adrianne Raff Corwin, an activist from the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB).

"He is being charged with culpable homicide...they are protecting a man who is basically responsible for murdering thousands of people in India and he should be extradited from America," she added.

"It is not necessary for me to be able to understand you," responded the building representatives who refused to identify himself.

The protest was organised by ICJB and Kids for a Better Future based in New York. The two groups noted that their objective was to remind that Anderson was still absconding and needed to respond to the outstanding charges.

When the summon bearers were told to leave, Akash read out a statement to a handful of building owners and cops. By the end of the demonstration the number of police officers had increased from one to six.

"Twenty-five years ago Warren Anderson escaped arrest and his day in court. I would like today to appear to Warren Anderson's conscience, his guilt and his grief and ask him to stand beside me," Akash said.

"If he is truly haunted by the disaster that happened on his watch, which destroyed an entire community I ask him to come forward and make a moral statement about what the right thing is for DOW and Union Carbide to do", Akash added.

"According to American law the polluter must pay and so DOW the owner of Union Carbide must pay to clean up its mess" he said.

On the same day, another demonstration was organised outside the Indian embassy in Washington. "Because the Indian Prime Minister has not taken adequate action to ensure that these parties show up in court, activists are taking it into their own hands to provide summons," the activists said.

In India, seven managers of the subsidiary company Union Carbide Indian Limited (UCIL) were sentenced to two years in prison and fined Rs 2000. Its parent company Union Carbide maintained that it was not subject to the jurisdiction of the Bhopal court since none of its officials were involved in operation of the plant.

"Union Carbide and its officials are not subject to the jurisdiction of Indian court since they did not have any involvement in the operation of the plant," the company said in a statement.

Dow Chemicals, which bought Union Carbide in 1999, asserts that there is no outstanding liability since a 470-million-dollar out-of-court settlement was reached with the Indian Government in 1989.

The US has made it clear that it will not extradite him to stand trial in India. "I don't expect this verdict to reopen any new inquiries or anything like that. On the contrary, we hope that this is going to help to bring closure," said Robert Blake US assistant secretary of state for South Asia, last week after the sentencing. 

The activists also called for the Obama administration to reverse its position that extraditing Anderson would have a chilling impact of investment in India.

"If they're refusing to extradite an American CEO to India, then British Petroleum (BP) and the government of the UK can refuse to cooperate when that case comes up for trial," Robert Mooney, a ICJB supporter and anthropology professor at New York University.

Mooney was referring to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which has been coined as one of the worst environmental disasters. "I'm sure the American public won't stand for that, why should Bhopali survivors get any less," he said.

"That is one of the biggest tragedies, even though its the worst industrial disaster in human history because its in the poorer country it is virtually unknown," said Akash. "No-one really knows about it. It appears in the news for a week or so when it happened and then people just forgot about it."

"I have been teaching at New York University since 2002 and each year there is dwindling awareness among my new students because they've never heard of it because they were born after it happened" said Mooney. "But the disaster is still ongoing so they should know about it." 

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India, the 3rd fastest growing investor in the U.S.

Washington: Indians are the third fastest growing foreign investors in the United States, a top Obama Administration official has said, acknowledging the positive contribution of India in the US economy at the time of recession.

"India is the third fastest growing foreign investor in the U.S.," said Holly Vineyard, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, at an event here yesterday.

Vineyard said Indian investment in 2008 was $4.5 billion but the investments in 2009 grew 60 percent higher than investments in the previous year. He was quoting from a yet to be published report by India US World Affairs Institute and the University of Maryland.

The report will soon be released by Congressman, Jim McDermott, Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans, at a function organized by the East West Center, a Washington-based think tank.

The Joint study has found 372 acquisitions by Indian companies in the U.S. between 2004 and 2009 worth USD 21 billion. This has created an estimated 40,000 employments in the U.S.

Giving preview of the report, the FICCI secretary general, Amit Mitra, said there were 127 green field investments worth $5.5 billion by Indian companies in the United States. "So these are huge numbers that India is contributing to the US economy," Mitra said.

"In contrast", the FICCI secretary general pointed out, "India was facing difficulties in attracting US investment in its infrastructure sector."

U.S. needs to do more in the infrastructure sector, he said. "We have come here to tell the US government and businesses, 'get in there'."

To boost the U.S. involvement in India, FICCI is following Track II policy, envisioned by the External Affairs Minister, S M Krishna, and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton when they meeting here earlier this month. The policy works on enhancing public private engagement in economic and strategic sectors in both the countries.

Yesterday, as part of Track II policy, FICCI signed a memorandum of understanding with the Council on Competitiveness. In the MOU, FICCI and the Council agreed to work together to accomplish projects that shared their mutual interests including the development of innovative human capital and sustainable development.
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Ramcharan Tej with Venkatesh's son

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Rajendra Prasad, Suhasini Combo For The First Time

Jonnada Ramanamurthy is producing a film with Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Suhasini in the lead on Ushacharan Creations banner, they are working together for the first time. Dinesh Babu, a Kannada director who has a repertoire of directing around 32 films in Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu, is directing the film. The shooting began in Hyderabad recently, and Dinesh Babu said Dr. Rajendra Prasad acts as an Income Tax Officer and Suhasini plays the role of a bank employee. Gangotri Vishwanath writes the dialogues and ES Murthy scores music, pens the lyrics.

Other credits include editing by Murali Ramaiah and art by Murali. Naresh, Kaveri Jha, Raghubabu, Suryatej, Harshavardhan, Jhansi, Rajitha, Shilpa, Sandeepthi, Ushasri, Ramyasri and Kalyani comprise the supporting cast.
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Asia Cup Cricket 2010 Schedule

The Asia Cup 2010 begins today with the first match being played between Pakistan and host Sri Lanka. India and Bangladesh are the other teams taking part in the ten day-long competition.

The schedule:
Tue, June 15: 1st Match - Sri Lanka v Pakistan.
Wed, June 16: 2nd Match - Bangladesh v India.
Fri, June 18: 3rd Match - Sri Lanka v Bangladesh.
Sat, June 19: 4th Match - India v Pakistan.
Mon, June 21: 5th Match - Bangladesh v Pakistan.
Tue, June 22: 6th Match - Sri Lanka v India.
Thu, June 24: Final.

All the matches are day and night fixtures and will all be played at the Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium
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