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It is well-known fact that we, as a generation of Indians are at the threshold of the most humongous threat to our environment. It is imperative that we take as many steps as feasible to reverse this damage. As citizens of the planet,  and as Indians. If we don't then who will?

1.        There is a cute small round press button at the bottom right corner of almost all monitors: Please make use of this,


2. Stop printing out Harry Porter, Jeffrey Archer and other e-books. This is a classic example of paper wastage.


If you have forgotten to give double-side prints, make sure you make use of the empty sides as scribbling pads or for your kids' imposition



Take two minutes from your busy schedule before hurrying back home to shut down the computer.


All of us are big time Googlers. Have you heard of the Blackle search engine? Blackle (Google powered) is a search engine designed all in Rich Black so that your system consumes less power. So change your homepage.


Plastic bags these days indeed come in bright and flamboyant colors and tempt us to take them home with us. But the saying, "Appearances are deceptive" holds true for these plastic things too. Next time, hold back or go prepared to counter temptation with a cloth bag.


Roses, Jasmine, Hibiscus and Peas; All these saplings cost hardly between Rs 10 - 20 each. Can't we afford to plant these in and around our houses? Also, more importantly, caring and maintain them as they grow?


Try to segregate the different kinds of waste into Bio-Degradable (Fruit or vegetable waste) , Recyclable (waste Paper, paper products) and Electronics (Floppy disks, CD-ROMS ). Once you have segregated your thrash, look for specialized trash cans to throw them away.


Try to minimize the use of horns. Honking drastically increased and this adds to the noi

se pollution and does not provide a conducive environment to live in.


Use rechargeable batteries though it's an expensive product, it's one-time purchase. Recharge when required. (Same applies to cell-phones, MP3s, iPods and Laptops)


The best pens to use would be ink ones. Though if you have to use a ball point pen, buy refills instead of buying new pens. Pencils are much better for rough use! (That's why we used it at school!!!)


Remember to close water taps before preening in front of the mirror. Of course you are beautiful, but Water is a precious resource!



Let's not just wake up and walk out of finished meetings and conferences with a sigh of relief, let us remember to turn off the lights and projectors too.


Take few minutes to learn about topics like 'Global Warming' , 'Air / Noise /Land / Water Pollution ' etc apart from constant surfing of News, Latest Gadgets, Movies and Music.


Spread this message; to your friends and foes. They too can make a difference.


The Earth has already become a dangerous place to live in for the animals and birds. Soon it might be our turn. So let's pledge to save our beautiful planet so that you and your future generations can live happily and peacefully ever after.

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venky in south scope
copied poster style
mahesh son latest pic

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Mechanical Guy in Electric company

Mechanical Guy in Electric company

What happens when a Mechanical Guy is employed in an Electronics Company!











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Star eating a Planet!!! Wonder what happens to the planets in the Solar System???

Wonder what happens to Earth???

The hottest known planet in the Milky Way galaxy may also be its shortest-lived world. The doomed planet is being eaten by its parent star, according to observations made by a new instrument on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph (COS). The planet may only have another 10 million years left before it is completely devoured.

The planet, called WASP-12b, is so close to its sunlike star that it is superheated to nearly 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit and stretched into a football shape by enormous tidal forces. The atmosphere has ballooned to nearly three times Jupiter's radius and is spilling material onto the star. The planet is 40 percent more massive than Jupiter.

This effect of matter exchange between two stellar objects is commonly seen in close binary star systems, but this is the first time it has been seen so clearly for a planet.

"We see a huge cloud of material around the planet, which is escaping and will be captured by the star. We have identified chemical elements never before seen on planets outside our own solar system," says team leader Carole Haswell of The Open University in Great Britain.

Haswell and her science team's results were published in the May 10, 2010 issue of The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

A theoretical paper published in the science journal Nature last February by Shu-lin Li of the Department of Astronomy at the Peking University, Beijing, first predicted that the planet's surface would be distorted by the star's gravity, and that gravitational tidal forces make the interior so hot that it greatly expands the planet's outer atmosphere. Now Hubble has confirmed this prediction.

WASP-12 is a yellow dwarf star located approximately 600 light-years away in the winter constellation Auriga. The exoplanet was discovered by the United Kingdom's Wide Area Search for Planets (WASP) in 2008. The automated survey looks for the periodic dimming of stars from planets passing in front of them, an effect called transiting. The hot planet is so close to the star it completes an orbit in 1.1 days.

The unprecedented ultraviolet (UV) sensitivity of COS enabled measurements of the dimming of the parent star's light as the planet passed in front of the star. These UV spectral observations showed that absorption lines from aluminum, tin, manganese, among other elements, became more pronounced as the planet transited the star, meaning that these elements exist in the planet's atmosphere as well as the star's. The fact the COS could detect these features on a planet offers strong evidence that the planet's atmosphere is greatly extended because it is so hot.

The UV spectroscopy was also used to calculate a light curve to precisely show just how much of the star's light is blocked out during transit. The depth of the light curve allowed the COS team to accurately calculate the planet's radius. They found that the UV-absorbing exosphere is much more extended than that of a normal planet that is 1.4 times Jupiter's mass. It is so extended that the planet's radius exceeds its Roche lobe, the gravitational boundary beyond which material would be lost forever from the planet's atmosphere.
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Computer CPU Inside Keyboard
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Pencil Vs Camera...!! !

Hello frnds, Similar to many artists, Belgian-based artist Ben Heine likes to sketch the scenery around him. What makes his work different is that he takes photographs of his drawings and symmetrically places them on top of the original background, causing a cool visual effect. He titles the series, "Pencil Vs Camera."

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PS3 to double its capacities: 250GB, 500GB drives in Move bundles

Bangalore: Sony is planning large refreshes of the PS3 at E3 this week in sync with the launch of the PlayStation Move. It will increase the Capacities roughly double from 120GB and 250GB to 250GB and 500GB, and both would be available in Move bundles. Wi-Fi should get an upgrade at the same time with a boost to 802.11n from the earlier 802.11g.

Even though the prices and the launch strategy weren't revealed, but the current stand-alone PS3s cost $299 and $349 each depending on the capacity. Move is likely to add to the price, but it will also be available separately as a starter kit with a camera and a game for under $100. Controllers will be available by themselves for those who already have the camera.
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INQ to launch its Android Phones shortly

Bangalore: INQ, the manufacturer of popular social networking phones had announced that it would soon be coming up with an Android based handset last year. Almost nine months down the line, looks like it is finally ready to shed some details regarding this upcoming phone. It will feature a touchscreen display coupled with multi-touch capabilities. When launched, this would be the first real smartphone from INQ who, until now, has been selling BREW based phones themed for compatibility with popular social networks such has Facebook and Twitter.

INQ's first Android device would be available starting the fourth quarter of 2010. It has also entered the Indian market recently and has a tie-up with Aircel owing to which there is a good chance that this upcoming Android laden phone will be launched in India as well.

As of now, Its sure that the upcoming Android based phone is on its way.
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Wipro Partners with Microsoft to Deliver LPO services

New Delhi: Wipro Technologies today said it will provide global legal process outsourcing services to software giant Microsoft's intellectual property portfolio. In July 2008, Wipro began providing U.S. Patent and Trademark filing and docketing services to Microsoft's Intellectual Property & Licensing group. Microsoft previously had used a mix of in house resources, outside law firms and offshore vendors to perform these IP services.

Under this agreement, the BPO division of Wipro Technologies will provide global LPO services to Microsoft's IP portfolio, Wipro said in a statement. The statement, however, is silent on financial details. Wipro has developed the LPO framework, tools, trainings, controls and metrics required to drive high productivity and reduced costs for Microsoft, it added.

"The dedicated Microsoft team at Wipro has become a fundamental component of our global Patent operations function. The Wipro team works closely with our in-house team to manage one of the world's largest and most valuable patent portfolios," said Martin Shively, GM of Patent Operations at Microsoft.

Wipro and Microsoft will continue to jointly develop improved domain expertise and processes to further streamline IP processes, it added.
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Productive employee rivalry can boost innovation

Bangalore: Many companies overlook the ability of productive rivalry to stimulate innovation. That could be a loss, not only has it been a powerful contributor to innovation in the past. To be sure, some companies hold innovation competitions, such as Tata Group's recent Innovista challenge, which generated 1,700 innovative ideas from across the company. But these one-time contests do not really replicate the kind of productive artistic rivalry. Moreover, competition is generally discouraged in the business literature on innovation. Management experts prefer to talk about cooperation and collaboration within R&D centers rather than competition and rivalry.

Mark Little, the Director of General Electric's Global Research Group, says that rivalry also has made a difference in his company's efforts to develop better aircraft engines, composite materials, and power generation equipment. Taken together, the two examples suggest that innovation-minded executives whose R&D groups don't employ rivalry should be looking for more opportunities to form teams, appreciate differences in their respective approaches, and conduct market tests. Embedding rivalry in a culture where what's celebrated most is the outcome-a better product or service-can be a powerful positive force.

The best way to create competition is to set two or more teams working on the same project at the same time. Again, this isn't a new idea: recall the famous competition between the System 360 mainframe computer and the 8000 series at IBM during the early 1960s. Whatever the judgment mechanism, there is good reason to believe that having two or more teams working on a given project can have a strong motivational impact. A friendly and healthy degree of rivalry will spur teams to think deeper and harder about a given problem, leading to new levels of creativity
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