Varudu Nischathardam (Allu Arjun - Sneha Reddy Engagement) Maa Exclusive

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CM's agendas and core team

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Janpath rules

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Allu Arjun hooked - Part 1

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Allu Arjun hooked - Part 2

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Venkatesh's surprise getups in Nagavalli

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Non corrupt candidates for ministry post rare

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High Command plans to weaken Jagan?

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Allu Aravind on hte FICCI media meet

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High-Command spies on Jagan

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Dhoni in new Avatar

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Another New Heroine in ’3 Idiots’ remake

Even as the launch of ’3 Idiots’ remake announced for December 5 after crossing many intended and unintended snags, we hear there a the are still changes being made in the making of Tamil and Telugu versions.
Sources say that director Shankar is making lavish changes to the original script to make the film look new to south Indian audiences. Shankar is believed to have said that the Hindi original was seen and widely liked by over a quarter of Tamil, Telugu audience and so to present the same film again one should make crucial changes to the original so that the audience see that as a new film independent of the Hindi original.
Accordingly a major change perceived to be made by Shankar is the introduction of a second heroine. Kareena Kapoor was the only heroine in Hindi and Ileana will be doing that in the remakes. Now the news of a second heroine has generated some more interest in the film. Who will be the new girl and who will she romance with? Srikanth or Jeeva. Shankar’s office is said to be busy with screen tests.
And more, as for the title, the tentative titles being considered are ’3 Rascals’ in Telugu and ‘Moovar’ in Tamil.
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Bunny engagement pics

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Samantha’s love affair with a School Boy

Samantha who is presently doing a movie with Mahesh Babu has shared her love affair.  She said that she had loved a senior guy in her school when she was studying 8th class. At this point she had rememberd Yee Maya Chesave in which a boy loves a girl who is more than his age. But Samantha saying that she will marry a person who is elder than her
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Nara Rohit’s Next Film Details

Nara Rohit made his debut in films through a critically acclaimed film ‘Banam’. After winning many accolades for his performance in ‘Banam’, Nara Rohit gave quite a long gap for launching his 2nd film. Now, he is getting ready with yet another interesting subject to be directed by Parasuram, whose first film was the youthful entertainer ‘Yuvatha’ followed by Ravi Teja’s ‘Anjaneyulu’.
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First Day End Report : Ram Charan fails to sell ORANGEs

Day End Report:

First half is OK, Second half is good but towards climax it was boring

Manchi point ni convincing ga teeyalekapoyadu bhaskar

Cinematography, songs, dances [2songs lo], comedy [kooni chtola] and RCT are plus points

Genny over action, slow narration, confusing screenplay are minus points

Mass ni entertain cheyyataniki content em ledu, so B and C centers lo kastam antunnaru

Magadheera hangover nunchi rani bayatiki rani vallu e movie tho satisfy avvatam kastam

A centers lo above avg talk cheptu undaga B and C centers lo below avg to avg antunnaru, Motham meeda AVG movie ga nilichipotundi ani talk

First Show Talk:
1st half OK

Bemmi kaapadadu First Half Lo..

Second half baaga weak.. Sodhi lekka undhi anta....

A centers lo 5 weeks talk... Arya 2 lekka 3 weeks aadi padukuntadhi antunnaru Bomma

B, c lo cmplete Wash Out....

Centre-wise Talk:
First half іѕ ехсеllеnt, second half slows down the bit. Bу аnd vast thе movie саn bе аn average tο on top of average grosser аt boxoffice. Thе movie’s outcome depends οn hοw B, C core assembly аnd lady recieves thе film. Charan іѕ thе vital item οf thе film. Screenplay іn thе second half lacks depth. Comedy іѕ ехсеllеnt аt раrtѕ. Music аnd BGM аrе vital resources οf thе film.

Benifit Show Talk:
RCT kothaga unnadu, baga chesadu, confident ga kanipinchadu

GGenny over ainattu anipistundi, already chooseyyatam valana [bommarillu] akkadakkada chiraku puttisthundi, any how she has done neat job

Brahmi only saving grace for movie ani cheppukovachu, navvinchi punyam kattukunandhuku

Songs picturization kani movie taking kani chala bavundi, situations kuda correct ga kudirithe bavunnu

Cinematography bavundi anta

Mass kosam emi ledu, songs lo steps kuda peddaga levu, so disappointment oka range lo undi

Last 20mins movie ni baga down chesinattu ga untundi, patience tester

First half is Good, second half little let down

Motham meeda kastam antunnaru, B and C lo baga kastam antunnaru konthamandi aithe disaster ani kuda antunnaru,

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