gossips About Jr NTR’s Marriage

Marriage is the most memorable moment for many people and the phase between the engagement and the marriage is another thrilling time. However, it appears that junior NTR’s phase is reportedly sending more of tensions than thrills and funny times to his fans and many others in the cine circuit.

It has been quite a while since the engagement of junior took place and it was reported that the wedding is happening this year end but nothing happened. Now, the talk is that the marriage should happen before March 2011 because there are no proper muhurthams after that for a long time.

With this, many are asking what has happened and is there anything negative. So far, all are hoping that everything is going just fine and it is only a matter of time before the good news is announced but for now, the tensions and the apprehensions are looming large. Only the young tiger can clarify these things.
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