Dubai Cricket Stadium

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Fantastic Hotel

Marina Bay Sands is the world’s most expensive hotel, it’s boat-shaped ‘SkyPark’ perched atop the three 55 storey towers. This three towers are connected with a one hectare roof sky park offering 360-degree views of Singapore’s skyline and featuring beautifully sculptured gardens, restaurants and a swimming pool.
The SkyPark will be home to the world’s longest elevated swimming pool, with a 475-foot vanishing edge, perched 200 meters above the ground. While the water in the infinity pool seems to end in a sheer drop, it actually spills into a catchment area where it is pumped back into the main pool. At three times the length of an Olympic pool and 650ft up, it is the largest outdoor pool in the world at that height.
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Omkar a comedian

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Genelia's Private Album - Yeh Lo Main Ha

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Original Name: Siva Sankara Vara Prasad Konidela

Nick Names: Chiru, Megastar

Chiranjeevi was born on 22 August 1955 at Narasapur, Andhra Pradesh, India

He was a student of the famous Madras Film Institute and later became a professional film star. His first public performance was in a government parade ballet at the Republic Day celebrations on January 26, 1976.

He started his professional career the film "Punadhirallu" in 1978. Though Punadhirallu was his debut, his first success came up with a negative role in the film 'Intilo Ramayya Vidhilo Krishnayya' which was released in the year 1981.

His roles in movies such as Abilasha, Adavidonga, Chantabbayi, Challenge, Gang Leader, Master, Kondaveeti Donga, Kodama Simham, Indra, Tagore etc. were all block busters in Tollywood. Chiranjeevi isn't just limited to Tollywood. He made foray into Hindi movies where he earned considerable fame. His lead role in Pratibandh released in 1990 made him popular in Bollywood.

He is married to Konidela Surekha on February 20, 1980 and is blessed with two daughters Susmita and Sirija, and one son Ramcharan Teja. His brothers Nagendra Babu and Pawan Kalyan are both into movies aswell. Nagendra Babu is an actor and a successful producer while his second brother Pawan Kalyan has turned up as a successful actor in a very short span.

His Brother-in-law Allu Aravind is a producer and his Father-in-law is a veteran actor is Allu Ramalingaiah.
Chiranjeevi is the founder of the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, which is the state's largest recipient of Eye and Blood Donations.

With the help of Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust more than 20,000 people have donated blood and more than 10 lakh people have pledged their eyes. Chiranjeevi also assists people for medical expenses in genuine cases.

Mega Star's First Movie:

Punadhi Rallu{Started}

Pranam Kareedu{Released}

First Hundred Days Movie: Kothala Rayidu

First Dual Role Movie: Nakili Manishi

First Triple role Movie:Mugguru Monagallu

First Song To Sing: Tammudu arey tammudu....[Master]

He Acted Most Times With




Address of Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust

Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust,

6-3-345/16, Hindi Nagar, PanjaGutta,

Hyderabad - 500 034

Telephone: (040)-335 3114

Mega Star's Signature:

user posted image

Chiranjeevi Movies

47 Rojulu
Aadavalu Meeku Joharulu
Aalaya Shikharam
Aapath Bandhuvudu
Aarani Mantalu
Agni Gundam
Agni Samskaram
Alluda Majaka
Alludu Vastunnaru
Andhra Alludu
Atta Ki Yamudu Ammayi Ki Mogudu
Baavagaru Bagunnara
Bandhalu Anubandhalu
Bandhalu Anuvandhalu
Bandipotu Simham
Big Boss
Birla Ranga
Chanakya Shapadham
Chattam To Poratam
Chattaniki Kallu Levu
Donga Mogudu
Edi Pellantara
Gang Leader
Gharana Mogudu
Gudachari No 1
I Love You
Iddaru Mitrulu
Idi Katha Kadu
Inti Guttu
Intlo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya
Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari
Jai Chiranjeeva Chiranjeevi's Upcoming movie
Jebu Donga
Khaidi No 786
Kirayi Rowdylu
Kodama Simham
Kondaveeti Donga
Kondaveeti Raja
Kotapet Rowdy
Kothala Rayudu
Kotta Alludu
Kukka Katuku Cheppu Debba
Love In Singapore
Maa inti Premayanam
Maga Maharaju
Maga Veerudu
Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu
Manavoori Pandavalu
Manavuri Paandavulu
Manchi Donga
Mantrigari Viyankudu
Marana Mrudangam
Mechanic Alludu
Mogudu Kavali
Muggurru Monagallu
Mutha Mesthri
Nakli Manishi
Nyayam Kavali
Palleturi Monagadu
Paravathi Parameshwarulu
Pasivaadi Pranam
Patnam Vachina Pativrathalu
Pranam Khareedu
Prema Natakam
Prema Pichollu
Prema Tarangalu
Puli Bebbuli
Punadi Rallu
Punnami Nagu
Radha My Darling
Raja Vikramarka
Rakta Sambandham
Rakta Sindhuram
Rani Kaasula Rangamma
Rudra Nethra
S P Parshram
Shankardada MBBS
Shivudu Shivudu Shivudu
Simhapuri Simham
Sri Manjunath
Sri Rambantu
Srirasthu Subhamasthu
State Rowdy
Street Rowdy
Stuvartupuram Police Station
Swayam Krushi
Tatayya Prema Leelalu
Tayaramma Bangaraiah
Tingu Rangadu
Voorikichhina Maata
Yama Kinkarudu
Yamudiki Mogudu
Yuddha Bhumi
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venky as king

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India Pakistan 1965 War Pictures

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 was took place between April 1965 and September 1965 between India and Pakistan. This conflict became known as the Second Kashmir War fought by India and Pakistan over the disputed region of Kashmir, the first having been fought in 1947. The war began following Pakistan’s Operation Gibraltar, which was designed to infiltrate forces into Jammu and Kashmir to precipitate an insurgency against rule by India. The five-week war caused thousands of casualties on both sides. It ended in a United Nations (UN) mandated ceasefire and the subsequent issuance of the Tashkent Declaration.

Much of the war was fought by the countries’ land forces in Kashmir and along the International Border between India and Pakistan. This war saw the largest amassing of troops in Kashmir since the Partition of British India in 1947, a number that was overshadowed only during the 2001–2002 military standoff between India and Pakistan. Most of the battles were fought by opposing infantry and armored units, with substantial backing from air forces, and naval operations.

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Venky nagavalli

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Mahesh babu Upcommings

Mahesh babu increrasing dookudu in cming year 2011

Cming 2 matter mahesh babu signed 6 films in a row where min 3 films wil be released in 2011.
(1)Dookudu under sreenuvaitla direction the film release in march next year.
(2)shankar's 3 rascals wil be cmpleted in 60days and be released in july2011.
(3) maniratnam's mahesh-vikram combo as chola's story 4000years ago be released in december2011 the film is 150crores film based on a novel published for 4 years in 1958 by a famous newspaper in tamil ,in that film king is vikram and mahesh is acting as his brother and at 1958 novel won all rewards in state and central awards with love,comedy, action and suspense storyit is 1 of prestigious film by maniratnam.
(4) ganesh as producer 1 story is conformed but searching for director .
(5)linguswami director had told the storyline which impressed mahesh verymuch busy in preparing script for mahesh in this movie in tamil if maniratnam movie does well then mahesh wil be doing in both telugu and tamil linguswami is in a plan to do at a time as hero is the talk.
(6) then puri-mahesh combo is going 2 shooting next year
(7)trivakram wil direct movie again next 2012 year ending so we can expect 6 films in cming 2 years frm mahesh which can do atleast 60+crores busines in 1st week alone which wil be a goodnews to industry which will indirectly makes so many people beneficial and it is a blast 2 fans to enjoy
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Brand new look 4 AIRTEL

It looks like Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom operator is all set to undergo a brand makeover and unveil an all new refreshing new logo next week.
By looking at the logo Bharti, it looks like Airtel has taken inspiration from none other than Zain Telecom of Africa which Bharti Airtel recently acquired.
Since Airtel is going global with the acquisition of Zain Telecom, Airtel felt the necessity of changing its logo and soon this refreshing and youth looking logo will be unveiled within the next few days, probably next week, reports ET.
Let’s see how it will look when the same is incorporated on the Recharge cards:

Airtel will be spending Rs. 300 Crores globally to change the brand identity. The new brand is expected to be unveiled all across India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Seychelles. Company had already said that Zain will be re-branded as Airtel recently.
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