Mega Brother's Mega plan

Ram Gopal Varma is a proved businessman in film industry. From the first moment he re-entered the Telugu industry, he was aiming the Chiranjeevi family members through Twitter. Exalting Chiranjeevi by insulting Ram Charan calling that 1000 Ram Charan's can't equal one Chiranjeevi, sarcasm of renaming Pawan Kalyan's Puli as Pilli were some among his bombardments.

Out of the blue, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted praising Ram Charan's performance in Orange as Terrific. Definitely this could be regarded a gesture from Ram Gopal Varma to save Naga Babu and his Orange which is already in profits. This is also be contemplated as the favor from RGV bearing in mind that Naga Babu praised him as Genius Director on Mirapakaya audio release. If this tweet from Ram Gopal Varma is respected for better business of Orange, then a secret bond of friendship can be assuredly building up. If estimates turn into assets, soon we can expect a movie from Varma either with Ram Charan or Naga Babu's Son
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