Twitter launches Push Notifications for @mentions

Bangalore: Twitter has come out with an intelligent way for the social networking savvy to check their tweets all the time without actually looking at twitter. The replies feature has been updated and is referred as mentions.

In the Twitter sidebar, the users will see their own @username tab and after clicking on it, they will see a list of all tweets with a reference to their account with the @username convention instead of only at the beginning, which is how it worked in the past.
The users will receive a notification by an account they follow whenever they get mentioned. This latest feature, known as push notifications, has been launched for @mentions. It enables the users to know every detail about what is happening regarding them on the site. The handset owners would be curious to know who spoke about them or to them. The conversation can be continued also by the users, as is revealed by the official twitter blog.

The latest version of Twitter for iPhone will initially send Notifications for @mentions through SMS. Those who need to download the latest variant of the app can head over to the App Store. Not to slip by, push notifications are also sent for Messages to Twitter for iPhone.

The Twitter blog elucidates the company is working on the Android and Windows Phone variant of this feature. Users may turn on SMS notifications by accessing and selecting Text message notifications, these notifications settings can be altered anytime, anywhere. 
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