Kalyanram and Naga Babu with in the 'Family'

Both of them hail from well recognized legendary families in industry. Both of them have tried and still trying their best to prove as artists. But, here is the point where they are striking a rare resemblance and that is about planning movies on their banners with their respective family heroes.

Yes, Naga Babu announced it during a recent interview that he was weak in handling the projects as a producer. ‘I can’t handle two or three projects at a time as a producer. It is true that I was not able to use the hero images of my family members. Never too late, we are planning movies with Allu Arjun and Pawan Kalyan in coming days on Anjana Banners,’ said Naga Babu about his future projects.

Other side, it was kalyanram on the same track trying to use the enormous craze for his family heroes like Balakrishna and Junior NTR. ‘I am planning to come up with movies of Babai Balakrishna and brother Tarak on NTR Arts. Discussions are also going about multi starrer and we are still working on it. I am not at all against multi starrers,’ said kalyanram.

So, it seems to be a situation where in kalyanram and Naga Babu as producers are trying to bring big ventures very soon still magnifying the images of their respective families. Let us see, who will succeed first.
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