(Nag+Anushka) Vs (Jagapathi+Priyamani)

(Nag+Anushka) Vs (Jagapathi+Priyamani)
Orthodoxy and sentiments are the other names to our Tollywood. Producers and directors run behind the hit pairs making them a part of their ventures again and again. Here comes same such pairs of Anushka with nagarjuna and Priyamani with Jagapathi Babu.

Both the handsome and manly heroes have good following in audiences and many times paired with hottest of the beauties in the filed. Still, the magic around Jagapathi Babu’s romance with Priyamani and nagarjuna’s with Anushka is an instant attention grabber.

As per latest news, Nag pulled Anushka into his team for the fourth time to pair besides him as the main lead. After ‘Super, Don, Ragada,’ this movie on RR Movie Makers tentatively titled ‘Damarukham’ will be the fourth movie in their combination. Keep away the special appearances in ‘King, Kedi.’

In the same way are Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani. ‘Kshetram’ will be the fourth movie in their romantic combination after ‘Pellaina Koththalo, Pravarakhyudu, Sadhyam.’ No wonders as many knew that Jagapathi loves the company of dusky Priyamani as much as Nag loves it with sexy Anushka.

Well, let us see…which pair will lead the industry after these two releases.
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