Chiru And Aravind Lost C On Children

It appears that both Chiranjeevi and Aravind have lost control on children. Both Chiru and Aravind share every aspect of their life as friends and build their emoire stringer and higher. That is known for all. But why they are failing in keeping children in control?

It is known that the marriages of both the daughters of Chiru have becomes controversial and disturbing. First girl with Uday Kiran’s failed engagement and second girl’s unconventional marriage with Sirish Bharadwaj. Now sources say that Ram Charan is also in love with a girl and that is not going well with Chiru.

On the other hand Aravind’s son Allu Arjun is in love with Sneha Reddy and his other son Allu Sirish is bringing head ache to his father by doing businesses in hasty way and wasting money.

Whatever be the success rate personally, both these celebrities have lost control on their children say many.
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