Yes it happened again. And this time in the middle of shooting spot when more than 70 people were watching.

Reportedly Pawan slapped SJ Surya again during the Puli shooting at ALIND factory Hyderabad. More than 70 crew members were watching and it all started with a small discussion that grew into a large spat culminating into Pawan going for a slap.

Reports say that the spat was about whether to use a body double or not for an action scene. While Pawan was insisting that he would do the stunt himself, SJ Surya was afraid about the shooting getting delayed if he got injured.

Being upset by the slap, SJ Surya has left for Chennai and Pawan, as usual, is directing the climax sequences himself.

SJ Surya is not even agreeing to attend the audio function and so the production is postponing the audio function while Allu Sirish and Allu Arvind are on trials to convince SJ Surya.

Though Pawan has initially refused to apologize to Surya, he has finally agreed for a friendship in desperation to complete the 4.5 years shooting of Puli Movie.
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GoTha said...

LOL....y do u think it always happens to pawan...