Entrepreneurship: Field for salaried employees

Pune: Many salaried employees have started looking at entrepreneurship as a new way to express themselves and showcase their creativity and they are doing this by sticking to their current jobs for the financial security it gives them, reports Omkar Sapre of The Economic Times.

The new 'service entrepreneurs' are providing convergence and multi-tasking a fresh meaning. They not only work in regular jobs but also run their own business. These businesses may range from libraries, boutiques, coaching classes, service centres, garages, shops and portals to restaurants.

Nikhil Ajagaonkar, Deputy Manger operations with Big Flix, an ADAG company in the DVD rental and movie download business ventured into business in 2005 while working with a five star chain. Ajagaonkar says, "I wanted to start something on my own, but had no background in business. So, I experimented by selling insurance, which worked well. But I wanted to do something more. Our family owned a 150 square feet space in Mumbai and after evaluating the options, I started my business,"

In order to manage his venture Dattatray Services, he changed many jobs. Ajagaonkar joining of Big Flix made him to travel a lot and d therefore he recruited another person to look after the daily business of Dattatray Services. This allows him to work on weekends at Big Flix and on weekends at the centre.

The IT sectors work on a five day week to give employees free time to start their own business.

While working in an IT company,Nikhil Sharma and his two friends started the OTB Solutions a tech start-up CMS and collaboration tools to educational and nonprofit organizations. Nikhil Sharma, along with his two friends Vinod and Brijesh, started OTB Solutions, a tech start-up CMS and collaboration tools to educational and nonprofit. The recent cuts in salaries, made the people take entrepreneurship a viable financial option.

Sachin Agarwal (name changed on request), a professor in a college, runs a direct selling business for cosmetic and household products as he says that it was difficult to look after his family with the salary he earned. In two years Agarwal had earned enough to start a shop.

According to an HR professional, "One reason companies don't allow this is to avoid conflict of interest, while another is to ensure complete focus on the job. Generally, companies have no objection, unless there is a major conflict of interest,"

These ventures surely provide employees income satisfaction but not all companies are open about this idea as the jobs require 24 hour attention.
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