Mohan Babu Dreams for Manoj marriage

manchu mohan babu is known for discipline and sincerity towards his work. Off late, the inflow of new generation artists need to learn a lot from him and lucky that his sons and daughter still admire him. As Vishnu and Lakshmi are settled in their lives with their loved ones, it is the time for Mohan Babu to find a partner for his younger and energetic son Manoj.

Speaking on an occasion Mohan Babu said, ‘I love Vijaywada girls. Though it was my dream to marry a Vijayawada girl but I wasn’t and later I though of getting my elder daughter-in-law that is Vishnu’s wife from Vijaywada. This one also failed. Now, wish that Manoj marries a Bezawada girl.’

Looking at the funky and sportive attitude of Manoj, many say that Mohan Babu is ‘Day Dreaming’ about his younger son because this young hero would surely follow his elder brother in terms of marriage
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