Mahesh Has it Under Control

Mahesh Babu, who is having torrid time at the box office these days, has finally learnt a lesson from his debacles. Mahesh Babu’s films are going out of control in terms of budget, which is resulting in commercial flops.

His last three outings, Sainikudu, Athidhi and Khaleja budgets overshoot and that resulted in the colossal failure of those films. Despite having average content, Athidi and Khaleja were ended up as flops due to high budget.

On the other hand, Pokiri film is made with a limited budget and struck the right chords and we know the result. Athidhi and Khaleja films would have been commercial hits if made with the same budget as that of Pokiri.

Mahesh is aware of this fact and is now having everything in control for Dookudu. Although it is not his home production, Mahesh is being watchful about the budget to avoid commercial failure. Srinu Vytla too is known for making films within the estimated budget and if everything goes as per plans, Dookudu is going to be a hit even if the film is not up the expectations!
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