Top 10 Heroines of South India

Genelia: She is no longer the girl who burst on the scene with Boys, though the image still tends to linger. Lights up the screen with her natural charm.

Divya: She’s not had her chances, one should say. But she has proved that she can look good.
She was so hot in Polladhavan, who can deny it?

Charmee: In the age of size zero, this lady has proved that sexy does not necessarily mean slim. There have been sections who called her flabby, but the new trimmer look must settle the issue in her favor.
Tamanna: She’s got all the makings of a ‘to be’ front runner. Could be a model for Fair and Lovely and Pepsodent and has got great natural grace to go with it
Ileana: Not the conventionally beautiful type, but there is something special about her that makes people swoon. Slim silhouette, is how you could define her well maintained figure.
Asin: The lissome lass of Kollywood, she can light up the screen with her presence. Adds immense value with her presence.
Trisha: If you can call a Kollywood heroine svelte, then it must be this lady. A former model, she brings a pleasing feeling to the screen
Anushka: If only she could find some time off from Tollywood where she is scorching screens! There are only a few better sights on the silver screen.
Shriya: She defined the hourglass figure concept in Kollywood and much of her on screen appeal also has to do with her graceful moves in dance.
Nayanthara: Well, that must have been the sexiest college staff on screen, at least for Kollywood. And if you can rewind to Sathyam and the bikini bombs in Billa then there can be no questions as to who is Kollywood’s marquee queen.

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