Brindavanam Story Leaked

here is the original story..

Prakash Raj and Srihari are step brothers. They are two big guys in a village and both of them are rivals. Samantha and Kajal are cousins from the Prakash Raj and Srihari families. Kajal stays in Village, but Samantha relocates to City for her studies. Junior NTR lives in the same City. In an incident, NTR helps Samantha and they both become friends.

Meanwhile, Kajal’s marriage is settled with someone whom Kajal does not want to marry. So, she asks the help of Samantha. Samantha tells the whole story to NTR and asks his help. NTR enters into the village with the intention to stop the marriage using some clever tricks. While doing that, he fixes many issues in the village and finally he makes both Prakash Raj and Srihari to stop their rivalry and they all join together at the end. NTR marries Kajal or Samantha? Let us keep that part suspense for now.

The movie is filled with lots of Comedy and some good action scenes. NTR is targeting the family audiences may be for the first time.

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