A new software to completely destruct data from PCs

New DelhiI: Pitney Bowes, a U.S. based mail and document management company came out with a new product in the Indian market which would facilitate in destroying data before disposing the computers. The product 'Degaussers', confirms that the data is totally erased and the hard drive becomes unusable.

Before discarding a PC, the data removal software is generally run and the drive is formatted to erase the information stored in the computer. But this effaced data can be recovered at any given point of time.

The company's major targets include the banking, financial, insurance services and telecom sectors. It also plans to aim the government for orders of the product.

Pitney Bowes India Managing Director KM Nanaiah said, "These sectors have a lot of confidential data, which also needs to be destructed at various points in time. We will start discussions with various companies and ministries (like Defence) for procuring orders,"

The product created by Martin Yale would range from Rs 7 lakh and Rs 20 lakh.
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