Govt. jobs made scandalous by corrupt recruitments

Hyderabad: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is in the process of investigating major corruption scandals. Scams in recruitment for government jobs and institutionalized bribery in regulatory agencies are some of the areas that CBI is eyeing at.

The CBI has recently exposed a series of scams in AICTE (All-India Council of Technical Education), the Medical Council of India and most recently, the Railway Recruitment Board examinations. The state government insisting on state-level recruitment, cheating in professional examinations, and corruption in regulatory agencies are the main causes behind most of the major scandals. The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is also in the process of unearthing corruption.

A person who gets a job by paying a bribe obviously becomes a corrupt official. Hence, stopping corruption at the recruitment stage can contribute a lot in the fight against corruption, according to a former director-general of the ACB. He added that the CBI is comparatively more independent than the ACB.

The ACB of the state needs to focus much more on state-level recruitment scams and the irregularities in regulatory agencies. But all too often its hands are tied by none other than the state government. By refusing to give permission for prosecution of top corrupt government employees, the state government itself plays a major role in tacitly supporting corruption. Therefore, ACB is now mostly restricted to investigating disproportionate assets cases and making surprise checks.

Five cases against public servants of AICTE have been registered by the CBI (Hyderabad Zone) for allowing the institutions to operate even when they don't have the mandatory infrastructure. In the investigation of the Medical Council of India, the CBI found that several medical colleges in the state indulged in irregularities in connivance with MCI chief Mr. Ketan Desai.

The latest case of corruption emanates from the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB). The CBI DIG, Mr V.V. Lakshminarayana, says that the modus operandi designed by the ADRM, A.K. Jagannadham, with the help of his agents and officials prevented meritorious and deserving aspirants from getting recruited. Most of the scams take place in single-level examination for any recruitment in a government job or admission into a professional educational institution.

According to the CBI DIG, Mr V.V. Lakshminarayana, the only criterion for selection in a written examination is the written exam and the scam lies in leaking question papers or manipulating results. The possibility of irregularities would be decreased if there are multi-level selection criteria like a written exam, interview etc.

Even the Army is not free from corruption. A recent scam was exposed in Army recruitment in Warangal district where non-locals tried to pass themselves off as locals in order to qualify in the exam. These scams not only signify the root of corruption in our society, but also show how poor the quality of government services are.
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