Komaram Puli Story Leaked?? (With story)

pulli leaked climax


don know whether its true r not but expected to B true

Leaked Story
Komaram Puli is an revenge taking or payback movie. Its is starred by Pavan Kalyan. PK is a commando born in a family which is haunted by goons since his father’s time. Manoj Bhajpai is the villian with a huge network. He runs international mafia Network.
Flashback: Pavan Kalyans father is Bhanu chander. He was killed during pavan kalyans birth by the villians. They try to kill his mother too. His mother who is a 9 months pregnant escapes from the villains eyes. She goes and hides inside a well. Then there was a huge rain and the well begins to get filled with water. She delivers the child inside the water (this scene is copied from Apocalypto Movie). During Pavan Kalyans birth a tiger roars and the screen play team shows pavan kalyan crying with a tigers voice..Hence he is named as Puli (Tiger). By the way his surname is Komaram. So he is Komaram Puli.
Now back to the basics…i mean original story.
Komaram Puli grows up and becomes a commando. Then there are few romantic scenes between Hero Pawan and heroine Nikisha patel. Pawan Kalyan marries nikesha patel who is also a cop. There was a small quarell and just before climax… manoj bajpai’s men kill nikesha in her house.
Komaran Puli (కొమ్రం పులి) returns to home and sees his..

wife’s throat being cut and lying in house dead. He thinks he had to do something to the nation to prevent further any such incidents happening to the people around. కొమ్రం పులి ows to destroy manoj bajpai’s network in climax.

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