Another New Heroine in ’3 Idiots’ remake

Even as the launch of ’3 Idiots’ remake announced for December 5 after crossing many intended and unintended snags, we hear there a the are still changes being made in the making of Tamil and Telugu versions.
Sources say that director Shankar is making lavish changes to the original script to make the film look new to south Indian audiences. Shankar is believed to have said that the Hindi original was seen and widely liked by over a quarter of Tamil, Telugu audience and so to present the same film again one should make crucial changes to the original so that the audience see that as a new film independent of the Hindi original.
Accordingly a major change perceived to be made by Shankar is the introduction of a second heroine. Kareena Kapoor was the only heroine in Hindi and Ileana will be doing that in the remakes. Now the news of a second heroine has generated some more interest in the film. Who will be the new girl and who will she romance with? Srikanth or Jeeva. Shankar’s office is said to be busy with screen tests.
And more, as for the title, the tentative titles being considered are ’3 Rascals’ in Telugu and ‘Moovar’ in Tamil.
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