Mahesh babu Upcommings

Mahesh babu increrasing dookudu in cming year 2011

Cming 2 matter mahesh babu signed 6 films in a row where min 3 films wil be released in 2011.
(1)Dookudu under sreenuvaitla direction the film release in march next year.
(2)shankar's 3 rascals wil be cmpleted in 60days and be released in july2011.
(3) maniratnam's mahesh-vikram combo as chola's story 4000years ago be released in december2011 the film is 150crores film based on a novel published for 4 years in 1958 by a famous newspaper in tamil ,in that film king is vikram and mahesh is acting as his brother and at 1958 novel won all rewards in state and central awards with love,comedy, action and suspense storyit is 1 of prestigious film by maniratnam.
(4) ganesh as producer 1 story is conformed but searching for director .
(5)linguswami director had told the storyline which impressed mahesh verymuch busy in preparing script for mahesh in this movie in tamil if maniratnam movie does well then mahesh wil be doing in both telugu and tamil linguswami is in a plan to do at a time as hero is the talk.
(6) then puri-mahesh combo is going 2 shooting next year
(7)trivakram wil direct movie again next 2012 year ending so we can expect 6 films in cming 2 years frm mahesh which can do atleast 60+crores busines in 1st week alone which wil be a goodnews to industry which will indirectly makes so many people beneficial and it is a blast 2 fans to enjoy
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