she Insulted Daggubati Rana ?

The tall and handsome Daggubati Rana has managed to make his presence felt right in his debut film ‘Leader’. Since then, he has become a prominent celebrity and right now, he is busy raising few eyebrows with his statements in the popular social networking site Twitter.

One of his recent tweets was “There are many reasons for women to have tears in their eyes. But, the only reason man has tears is because of women.”. This has got many into brain storming sessions as to who that girl could be. Even the usually nonchalant RGV also put a counter tweet asking who that girl is.

Some of them are guessing it is Shriya. Apparently, Rana and Shriya have been quite ‘close’ and at one point, rumors were making rounds about them. But lately, it is heard that Shriya has been away from Rana and is busy with her own stuff. Well, this is just a guess. Who knows….Rana might have a mystery beauty somewhere.
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