Mega 'Samadhi' for Genelia!

For the first time, Naga Babu's internal fire is made visible for Telugu audience and he is speaking something meaningful throwing the light on distress and disgusting environment where our producers are surviving. Conflict point here is not alone the Bommarillu Bhaskar because Genelia also joined him for the reason of Orange.

One who takes direct battle with Mega family will have to face the defeat. First it was Uday Kiran who got the death warrant for his ignorance and industry guesses that now history is set to repeat for Genelia also. Naga Babu hammered the last nail into Genelia's coffin with last night interview to a TV channel where he revealed about how Genelia's mother blackmailed him demanding extra remuneration of 10 Lakhs to get the shooting of Orange go without any obstacles.

What happened behind the screen is an imaginary issue but the hold of Mega family on industry would assure that Genelia doesn't get any more offers in Telugu field and she can be a closed chapter very soon. If Genelia loosing her original charm is one reason for her return back to pavilion, Naga Babu built the final Mega 'Samadhi' with the above mentioned interview coming as a final death stroke. Sorry Gennie, Bye Bye!
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