Charan's Affair With 'Shazahn Padamsee'

She is the hottest drama artist in the Bollywood circuits and is tumbling down with different stunts to project her as a capable glam doll. Shazahn Padamsee, the sexy thighs specialist from upper India got some new hopes in the form of Ram Charan Tej after her debacle with Ranbir Kapoor in the movie ‘Rocket Singh’.

The dusky siren is playing second fiddle in Chapudu Moothi Charan Tej's upcoming flick ‘Orange’. Buzz is that, taken by the charm and cute sex appeal of this Drama Artist, Ramcharan is recommending her to some big shot producers in Telugu and Tamil cinema. RCT seems to be the main reason behind her Tamil innings that is started with ‘Kanimozhi’, a musical romantic film starring Jai in the lead. Interesting note is, her Tamil flick was stared in March 2010 while Orange was started in February 2010. Everyone from the industry got shocked as RCT recommended Shazahn within a month of intimacy and there is a rumor that something is cooking between them.
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