YVS to introduce another 'Babu'. Do we need him?

On one side, there are no new stories..

No big hits even for the biggest stars..

It has become an open secret that the collections are nearly impossible after the first week..

On the other hand, theatre-mafia has started with every movie trying to block and release in as many theatres as possible..

At this juncture, one more so called 'hero' wants to make his entry into tollywood.

Talent and Looks don't matter when you have the backing!!

Directors take care of the 'talent' things and 'plastic surgeries' and liposuctions take care of the looks..

Let us all welcome Dharam Teja.. the nephew of Chiranjeevi and son of NagaBabu. YVS to introduce RDT (Ram Dharam Teja) with his next movie!!

Do you think we really another such hero now?
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