Raktha Charitra faces censor trouble

Seems like the censor board has decided to up its ante when it comes to derogatory remarks and violence in movies. The latest is that the much talked about two part film by Ram Gopal Varma starring Vivek Oberoi, Rakth Charitra, has run into problems courtesy its posters.
The reason for this is the posters of his upcoming film which have encountered the censor board’s ire as they mention a quote from the Mahabharata.
The censor board has objected to a ‘quote’ used from the epic, which runs as ‘Revenge is the purest emotion’ – Mahabharata. It is said that the censor board in Hyderabad objected to this and asked the producers of the film, Cinergy and Ram Gopal Varma, to remove this supposed reference to the Mahabharata.
Though the censor board has requested the removal of this quote, it is interesting to know that all the poster designs have already been made and distributed. Now, if the producers decided to change each one of them it will surely add to their cost.
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