No Trees. No Rain.. No Earth…

Hello Friends,
Many things we are seeing as computerized in current world. World population consumes lots of food, land and all necessity things including paper. We all know trees are the only source for making paper. If we use lot in papers means we are destroying our world.
From ancient days trees used for making doors, windows even the entire house. But with the increased world populations only we are all in the need to think about saving trees.
Many of the big companies are already started innovate various recycling techniques… Many banks issuing only soft copy of the statements through email. This is the correct time to say Go Green…

No Trees means No Rain then No Earth… Trees will also participating to avoid earthquake. Please be always aware whenever you are using a paper related products, try to reduce the usage of all trees related things & say to the whole world to
“Go Green”.

No Trees. No Rain.. No Earth…

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