Four big trends that will alter IT

Bangalore: The four big trends which might change the face of IT in the next few years are cloud computing, social computing, context aware computing and pattern based strategy. According to Peter Sondergaard, SVP of Research for Gartner, none of these trends are new but they do have the potential to change the IT industry.
By citing various examples Sondergaard said that it usually takes about 10 years for a technology to change the entire business scenario. He explained that while the IBM PC appeared in 1981, it didn't reach an installed base of 100 million units until 1990. Now there are 1.4 billion PCs installed, which he said should rise to more than 2 billion by 2015.
Four big trends that will alter IT

"Like it or not, we are on our way to an IT-driven intelligence society. Information will be the oil of the 21st century,? said Sondergaard. Through cloud computing, businesses can lower their prices and it also has the capability to change businesses as well as technology. With the help of social computing differences between enterprise and personal computing can be narrowed down and social networking within and between organizations will help improving productivity. Many connected devices with sensors that understand the location, language, feelings and dreams of consumers by using patterns to determine your desires can be achieved through context-aware computing. Pattern-based strategy that uses predictive analytics on both structured and unstructured data will let us seek and model patterns.
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