Chiranjeevi Blasted Allu Sirish

There was a time when he was known as the ‘Tandrini minchina tanayudu� and many thought that he would make up for all the criticism his father had been facing. However, in no time, his true colors came out and instead of appreciating this boy, many are saying that his father is much better.

He is none other than Allu Sirish and right now, many are shocked to see his hard headed attitude. Apparently, Sirish is a regular in the social networking site ‘Twitter� but then he seems to have ignored the very fundamental that he is representing one of the most esteemed families in cine circuit.

Recently, Sirish had no qualms in blasting a person using the cheapest of foul words. Sources say that this didn’t go well with Chiranjeevi and he gave a dress down to Sirish on this. There are many who say that Sirish keeps blowing his trumpet in Twitter from time to time but his latest act of profanity has shocked them and they add that it showed his cheap character.
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