30 Crs Loss for Producer Singanamala Ramesh

This year has been better for Tollywood than last year, but producers have suffered greater losses this year. Sources from the industry confirm that Singanamala Ramesh, who produced Komaram Puli starring Pawan Kalyan, and Khaleja starring Mahesh Babu, both box office duds, left the producer with a loss of Rs 30 crore!

Nagarjuna’s Kedi went unnoticed, and Venkatesh’s Namo Venkatesha managed to break even with difficulty. Producers who mortgaged all their property to make movies with Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan, who haven’t had releases for the past three years, are in deep debt now.

Directors attribute poor story lines, over confidence and the ‘image’ trap of the stars as reasons for such big flops. The industry has lost `100 crore on big star movies this year. Pawan Kalyan’s movie cost Rs35 crore and barely managed to collect Rs15 crore and Mahesh Babu’s Khaleja with a budget of `40 crore couldn’t collect more than `25 crore. Big stars in Tollywood are taking years to churn out clichéd, unwatchable, predictable movies costing exorbitant amounts that lead to bankruptcy of the producers when they fail to make good.

Of the 83 movies that hit the screens this year, three were hits and six managed to break even, which is not a great success ratio, say film experts. While Simha, Maryadaramanna, Yem Maya Chesave , Darling, and Betting Bangarraju were hits, films such as Jhummandi Nadham, Leader, and Bindaas managed to break even. Dubbed movies such as Robot, Yuganiki Okkadu, Yamudu and Awara raked in more moolah than the big movies of Tollywood..

Courtesy : Deccan Chronicle
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