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Life is Beautiful Star Search
After the phenomenal success of Happy Days (2007), Sekhar Kammula is back once again looking for new faces for his next film ‘Life is Beautiful’.
If you saw Happy Days and thought you missed a chance to act in the film, this is a great opportunity

Lead Roles
- 3 guys and 3 girls to play the lead roles in the film
Non-lead Roles
- Youngsters to play other roles in the film
- Mother/Father roles
Send us your photographs. There are 3 ways to do that, choose any one.
Option 1: 
Email us your photos to . In the same email write your name, age, height, mobile number & if possible landline number.
Option 2:Application forms are available at all Vodafone Stores in all over A.P. Fill the form, attach your photos and deposit the form in the Drop Boxes available at the same stores.
Option 3:Or you can send your pictures by Post addressed to ‘Life Is Beautiful C/O Sekhar Kammula, Post Bag No:16,Secunderabad HPO – 500003’ . Don’t forget to write your name, age, height, mobile number & if possiblelandline number behind all photos.
Instructions / Notes :
  1. Send minimum 1 photo and maximum 5 photos. Do not send passport size photos.
  2. If you send pictures by email, please make sure each picture is not more than 1mb in size so that it will be easy for us to download and view them.
  3. Special photo shoot is not necessary, your normal pictures are fine too.
  4. If you choose the email option, write a line about yourself and mention any special talent that (if) you have.
  5. Application forms are free of cost. Do not pay any money for getting & depositing the form.
Process :
After screening all the applications, the short listed candidates will be contacted by us for auditions.
Pass the information to your friends or relatives(even for mother/father characters) if they are interested.
All the Best! :-)
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