Movie starts with a violent scene between Manoj Bajpai and Sharanya(puli’s mother). Anyhow Sharanya escapes from him and give birth to Pawan in a lake.
We can see Pawan after 15min of the movie. Pawan’s intro was a jump from helicopter. Ofcourse intro was bad with over stunts. Contraversy arises between Manoj and Pawan due to murder of an Inspector(SJ Surya). Pawan strikes with non-stop dialouges frequently in 1st half. Nikisha was just for name sake. 1st half was boring and below average. 1st half ends with a challenge.
2nd half is good except one or two scenes. A scene between Pawan and Nikisha was really bad damaging Pawan’s image. Pawan’s and Sharanya’s dialouges were highlights in 2nd half. 2nd half is good.
Overall movie is above average. A good message oriented movie from Power Star. You can watch it for one time.
Rating:  5/10.

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