Review: Pappu (2010)


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Cast : Krishnudu, Deepika, Subbaraju and Others
Music : Phani Kalyan
Cinematography : Kesani Rajendra
Producer: Praveen Reddy Nalla, Nagesh Yada
Director: Sapan Pasuparthi
Released Date: June 25, 2010

Review: 2/5


The story begins with Pappu (krishnudu) who has bad luck following him everywhere. Due to this, he also becomes laughing stock at his office. However, he is good at heart and believes in helping others. Pappu comes across Radha (dipika), daughter of his boss (banerjee) and he falls in love with her. But the story takes a turn when Radha gets kidnapped. Her father ropes in the best detective Ram (subbaraju) to trace Radha and due to one particular reason, he insists that even Pappu should accompany Ram. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


Krishnudu is not again the same expressionless, sympathy genertaing face as what we see in his past movies. Subbaraju steals the show with his good body language and movie picks up only after his entry. Heroine Deepika has very less to perform and she is not that beautiful. Deepika’s body structure and face features resembled that of TV and big screen artist Vidya (Arya fame).

The script was weak, the dialogues were okay and the screenplay needed momentum. Background score was alright and two songs were nice. Cinematography was above average. Editing was apt. Costumes were normal and art department made its presence felt.


The film would have created a better impact if the direction and the technical values were worked upon.Might get bombed at box office... :(
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