Producer,exhibitor,distributor,lab,studio owner ’Suresh productions’ & LESSEE. Head of Theater Mafia

As expected The Film Chamber ,E.C meeting went on today with out taking any major decisions against BIG4 [as the most of the members are mouth piece of Big4]
some exhibitors frm past few meetings were proposing ONE GOOD IDEA for the betterment of the industry, but it has been put into dust bin by suresh &co.

TFPC’ as Single Lessee.
Their offer, ‘ let producer council take all the theatres Nearly [900] which were under big 4 syndicate and maintain .Telugu film producers council charge the same rent [instead of adding 3,4 times profit like big4 syndicate] from the producers/distributors,
But the idea in the intial stage of discussion itself was buried down by suresh babu & co saying producers council cant handle that and do business..
He is using every trick in the book to subside this AGITATION

Few cunning strategies of Suresh Babu & co.
 To weaken the agitation he is using Divide and rule policy, provide benefits to the major heads
Dasari garu became silent after he got all the theatres on percentage for his film ‘Young India’ and to his own distribution firm siri media films,
Actually he declared major war against Big 4 ,
1a. As usual producer Natti kumar got all gains, finance etc… and his film ‘Maa annayya bangaram was bought by Asian films…. He was SOLD OUT.
He used to make big statements before agnst big4.

 All the 2010,forthcoming high budget films will be released by big 4 disstribution firms [suresh,asian,geetha, srivenkateswara]
[maheshfilm,gaganam,nagamalli, badrinath,donseenu,sakthi, brundavanam,sravanthimovies film,puli,vedam,orange,merupu, savitri,chaitu 2 films,rana- selva ,gopichand -bgopal, rajamouli- sunil, parama veer chakra,siddartha -kpr, …]
Using this list they are forcing other theatre owners to give their theatres on lease to big4 otherwise they wont give these films to them .. if they oppose their syndiacte]

 will dictate all the terms for these films like buying price of the film, theares chart etc…

 puts target to lease 1500 theatres finally[ 90%] so that they can control the entire film industry with their terms.

5.LEADER was running on deficit from 5thweek inc odoen theatre HYD but bcoz of their own lease theatres they r able to run till 100days for record. escape from TELANGANA issue suresh babu has transferred his thetres list to 2 telangana guys, i.e Karvy group rammohanrao [asian multidimension/ratna celluloids] 100 theares and on vijendra reddy- 50 theatres , actually they are his benamis..

7.they wont decrease ticket rates or rental but never bothers to maintain theatres properly with good maintenance spending some amount from their profits..

8. suresh babu is making a film with teja titled ‘savithri’ with percentage to teja instd of remuneration [ even to seenu vytla In’namo venkatesha’ but suresh babu is against to giving theatres on percentage system.

9. He has a total grip On telugu producers council and film chamber all these years.

10. Now as the govt of A.P is in favour of issuing G.0 with 24 weeks compulsory screening of small budget films on percentage,
Sureshbabu is planning to go to court to get stay order

11.very imp dark secret:

There is an IMP dark secret in Theatres digitalising part, in Tamilnadu 92% of the theares are digitalised and the producers take 10/15 prints only on high budget films thus save nearly 2 crores on each film
Bu there due to greedyness of suresh babu as he will b losing ramanaidu lab business he is able to stop wit ha cunning strategy,
As Digitalisatiaon takes 25/30 lakhs most of the theares r not able to spend that amnt UFO, QUBE hv suggested an alternative thing ‘giv us renvenue on theatres trailers we will install with out the amnt,
But suresh and syndicate had an agreement with most of the theatres that trailers revenue belongs to lessees only so the theatre owners are in help less condition and suresh babu’s selfishness is costing the producers crores of rupees loss, the industry is poorer at one stroke [70 small films x 30 prints avg = 2000prints + 20 big films x200prints = 4000prints so in total around avg of 6000printsX 80k per print = 50 crores aprox
12. rana and sirish tries their level best by posting tweets to all big hero’s , directors , heroines, and celebrities to keep them in their good books.. so that no big film personality shd question their explotation… BAND BATCH

Both of them are so greedy amd money crazy, shd do any thing for money type…. No morals and ethics
------------------------------ -------------------
AS THE GOvt is favour of us with the kind support of
Hnble Ministers Sri Botsa Satyanarayana Garu, Smt Geetha Reddy garu and Smt Sabitha Indra Reddy Garu
And the TV, PRINT and Web MEDIA is giving us full support
We will fight this case in court with Monopoly Act …..
Mean while fed up with their exploitation …. many of them are suggesting to go for HUNGER STRIKE………..
Number wise WE ARE IN THOUSANDS they are big4 with 7 members syndicate
Syndicate members :
1.vijeyndra reddy, 2.ramohanrao, 3.chari –sairam films, 4.rajendra mahboobnagar
5. Balakrishna rao –eluru usha pic, 6. Alankar Prasad, vijayawada,
7. N.V.prasad – Tirupati
Small :
Producers [big & small] , film directors, film distributors & all crafts members .
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