Now do eye testing on your cellphone with NETRA

Bangalore, June 25 (Agencies): Very soon, visit to an eye clinic for a simple eye test become thing of past, thanks to the efforts of an Indian-origin professor, who has invented a simple method of testing eyes by using a cellphone with the requisite software installed on it. Raskar’s Near-to-Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment (Netra) comprises a viewer that fits over a cellphone’s screen combined with software running on the phone. The newly revealed device, known as NETRA, has been designed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab Associate Professor Ramesh Raskar, visiting Professor Manuel Oliveira, student Vitor Pamplona and postdoctoral research associate Ankit Mohan.
To test a person’s eyesight, the patient looks into a small lens, presses the phone’s arrow keys on the screen until sets of parallel green and red lines just overlap, which the eyepiece converts latter into a virtual 3D display. This two-minute eye test process is repeated 8 times with the lines at different angles for each eye.
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