Resume, Cover Letter and Interviewing Tips


Why should I use a resume along with my application?

A resume can help Human Resource Services staff and the hiring supervisor understand what skills, experience, and education you have that are relevant to a job. A well-done resume makes your application look more professional. You can use a resume to help demonstrate your communication skills.

What should I include in my resume?

Use your resume to help target your job search. Include relevant job history, education, volunteer experience, and memberships/associations. Use your resume to highlight important work experience and skills. Do not include information regarding marital status, parental status, religious affiliation, photos, age, or weight.

Resume Language

  • Use action verbs such as “developed,” “managed,” “coordinated,” and “maintained.”

  • Don’t use “I” to start every sentence.

  • Do use your own words to explain your experience

  • Proofread carefully!

Resume Information

  • Keep your name, phone number and address current.

  • Include dates of employment in a month/year format (example: 05/02 – 08/02).

  • Include references. Use a separate sheet if necessary.

Resume Appearance

  • Use 1” margins on all sides.

  • Use a standard font that is easy to read.

  • Use bold font and italics to highlight information.

  • Make sure to leave some white space in between sections.

  • Don’t label your resume. The title “Resume” is unnecessary.

  • Your resume can be longer than 1 page. A good rule of thumb is 1 page for each 10 years of work history


Why should I include a cover letter along with my application?

A cover letter can be a helpful tool to highlight your skills. Use a cover letter to show how your skills are appropriate for the job. A cover letter can also be used as a marketing tool – think of it as your personal sales brochure! You should use a cover letter anytime you use a resume.

Can I use one starndard cove letter on each of my applications?

You will need to submit a separate cover letter with each set of application materials. Since the cover letter is a way to help interest employers in your skills and how they are suited to the particular job, it is a good idea to customize your cover letter for each position that you are applying for

What information do I include in my cover letter?

  • Identify the job for which you are applying.

  • Include the title and vacancy number.

  • Mention where you found out about the job (newspaper ad, web page, etc.).

  • If you were referred by someone, mention that person. Briefly highlight your skills and experience. Don’t include all of the information found on your resume.

  • Tell the hiring supervisor what he/she will gain by hiring you.

  • Close the letter by stating what you would like to happen next.

  • Mention where you can be reached by phone or email.

What format do I use?

Your cover letter should be in standard business letter format.

Should I include a cover letter if I submit my materials through email?


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